Saving a flight's progress

Lot of us might get calls/texts or even run out of battery during a long haul flight and we get disappointed if the flight’s progress is lost due to unexpected shut down or foreclosure of the infinite fight app. Maybe the save option could be of great help by capping the saved flights to 2. This can happen only when the aircraft is airborne so that two users do not start a flight at the same stand.

Hey if you would like too see this feature in game make a request in #features

Unable brother, The new topic button has been greyed out. Appreciate if you could show me other way. Cheers!

That’s because you’re currently TL1. You must be TL2 to do so

Ahh okay i see wait untill you are TL2 the you can make a request.

Brother, how to advance to Trusted Level 2 ?

Just visit, like, post and be active On IFC whenever possible :)