Saving 2 callsigns?

Hi there! I have 2 callsigns: Qatari016VA for flights for Qatar and my general callsign is G-CDAB. it has occurred to my how annoying it is to have to find Qatari in the list of Airline callsigns and the same for general aviation. is there a way to save them so they don’t just disappear when I want to swap between the 2 and I will have to scroll through and put in all the info.


Unfortunately there is not, although isn’t too much of a pain scrolling between the two as it easily takes under half a minute.


I don’t think there is a way to save them unfortunately.

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ok, thank you

It is a pain. This is why someone made a feature request 😂

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There is no such feature but feel free to vote for it on the forum

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Here you go :)

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