Saved callsign features

Ever since I joined Va’s and created my own callsign in 20.2 its been time consuming to change between my callsigns and retype it in. So I thought of a feature where we could save the callsign Prefix and ID. So there could be a third tab in the callsign page called saved callsigns and in there I could have callsigns Prefix and ID saves without changing the callsign Here is some concept pictures I made

I am not sure if I can have more than one picture but here is another concept look for the UI for Saved callsigns feature I am bad at drawing but here it is


This isnt a bad idea, I’ll free up a vote for this :)


Is a good idea, sadly, Im out of votes :(

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Excellent idea – voted! I’d love to be able to save my VA callsigns and favorite GA callsigns for easy access.


Not a bad idea, definitely useful for those in tons of VAs! I’ll see if I can free up a vote :)


It saves a lot of time for me

Ok, but this is freekin awesome. Kinda shocked this hasn’t been suggested before. It would probably be only a minor add too, hopefully not requiring too much development. Imma vote!😁

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I was so surprised how no one thought about this idea yet

nice sketch

Its the fastest drawing I could do with my trackpad

Nice idea, you got my vote!

I hope they add this feature someday.

just a little bump:)

Great Idea sadly out of votes. If one frees up i will bring it here!

Definitely bumping this. Wish they would still allow custom callsigns, because I’d definitely save SPUTNIK1 for me. to use.

Saving callsigns if they implement this it could saves minutes instead of manually doing this I hope if this would be popular and gains traction.

Little bump

Bump please vote

Please vote for this feature