Save the Bees Flight

Hello Pilots and Controllers

Let’s begin with something about me. Some of you may already know me and how i do my flights in IF. so this time I had a bigger idea. So as my Name is CrazyBee it has two parts. First one is Crazy that’s what I am in general, doing 20-24hrs flight nearly every day and then there is the second part of my Name. The second part of my Name is Bee, yes the Animal.

The Bee

The Bee is an Animal I like and almost every one knows. Its one of the most important Animals on the planet. Without it, we wouldn’t get Apples, Cherries,… I could list many more things. But now comes the sad part, the Bee is threatened with extinction and that’s why we need to safe them. it’s so easy to safe them, just little things like a building a small Insect hotel for the Garden where they can live and be safe. Or just plant some local plants in a garden where they can survive better.


Flight Details

So for all this I made a very long journey in Infinite Flight by drawing something very big in the sky of Infinite Flight. This flight took me 4 Days of flying and planning everything for it. With an total fight time of 80:07hrs.

As base for all that flying, I choose Munich (EDDM) as refueling station. Also, I made this journey with the beautiful Lufthansa A350-900.

I splitted the flight in 3 seperate parts :

Part 1, 2, 3

Part 1 :

The first part was drawing some honeycomb above Europe with departure at EDDM and Arrival in EDDM.

Part 2 :

The second part was a bit harder to plan, but it worked at the end. The plan was to write ! Save Bees without destroying the honeycomb when departing EDDM and arriving EDDM.

And yes i wrote safe not save but i realized its first when it was already to late.

Screenshot (11)

Part 3 :

The third and last Part was the longest flight of all 3, and it took most of the Planing time. Also, here it was a challenge to not destroy the previous drawing. For that drawing I departed EDDM did a refueling in UT77 and then flew the rest of the Bee and landed safe in EDDM.

Screenshot (12)

Complete Flight Path

And here all drawings in one picture.



The @LuftyVirtual cooperated with me, and they also support that message I want to send out here.


4 whole days for this beautiful masterpiece, awesome dedication. I’ve watched The Bee Movie enough times to know that they’re important


This is auctully sick! props to you man.


The Bee Movie really is an awsom movie i like it


Thanks, i also liked to plan something like that the first time. I think i will do some more of thos things in the future

Wow! I am amazed at how great this turned out to be! Thank you for bringing this to the attention of more people!

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That actually looks incredible. Good job!

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This is un-bee-lievable!

Too good of an opportunity to let go 😭

I respect the dedication! This shouldn’t only go out for bees, but for other animals too, it’s not only our planet it’s theirs too.

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Yeah thats right and for that maybe i will draw some of thos other Animals as well overy every country or so 👍

The real question, do you like jazz?

Now you would have failed the introduction

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I got to experience it myself! i saw plenty of it happens, Congrats!

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