Save or continue options?

What I like to see is option to save last known flight path when app crashes or end flight on pause. Very tiring to start over long distance flight. 80% of the time when I’m near end of 15 hour flight, it crashes or reset back to starting point. Would like to see option to continue last known data flight to pick up where left off. Any help to resolve this issue?
Also, like to see some vintage airplanes like Boeing’s 707 or 727 and more Eva plane selections like Eva 777-300 and 747- 400 passenger or cargo


Nice idea! There is already a feature request which you can vote for here: Automatic save every 60 seconds

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@Othman_Asli i dont think these 2 are same. the link you provided is to save flight plan. and @David_Little is talking about saving the flight progress.

@David_Little really appreciate your idea. but there is a potential problem. imagine on a busy airport approach controller worked hard in seeting up the airspace suddenly all the saved fligh starts poping up in close vicinity out of nowhere. i fear this is possible on live servers.


But to allow it in cruise, maybe only above 18000ft, which is the limit for approach services. However this is really something to be discussed on the feature requests.

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