Save my flight!

Someone is heading to Innsbruck with a Boeing 777-300ER on expert! He is flying from Munich. Can a moderatior ghost that guy? I have the feeling that he will potentially ruin my approach into Innsbruck.

sorry man, that’s not how ghosting works

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The guy is now at 32000ft. This is unacceptable behaviour for expert server!

If it’s TS, then nothing you can do. Since it is ES, you’ll only get ATC in Scandinavia now, which they wouldn’t see you so… still nothing to do.

Chances are he’ll likely overrun the runway, rack up a few violations. If you need to do a few 360, slow down to create spacing or a hold to make room. I trust you can figure it out.


It’s expert server, not training server.

Please, this will just ruin my approach. I shouldn’t have to do a 360 because of some idiot.

The spacing between the two of you is sufficient. I’m not going to ghost someone and abuse the ghosting feature to fulfill what it is you want. Again, if he’s going to cause a conflict, please be the leader and create the spacing that is needed for the approach/landing. Thanks.