“Save me I’m lost, Oh Lord” | DEN 10/15/19 | Part 2

Hello IFC
I’m back with another spotting topic. Today I went out to DEN for about 2 hours and did some spotting.
Most of these pictures are unedited and don’t need to be. The lighting today was absolutely beautiful. These are some of my best I’ve ever taken. Enjoy :)

United Express CRJ 200 on Final

Southwest 737-800 on short final

Southwest 737-700 blasting out of DEN

Southwest 737-700 zooming out of DEN

United 737-900 heading to LAX

United A320 Climbing out of DEN

United Express E170

United 737-800 Beacon Shot!!

United A320

United Express CRJ700 heading to Aspen
Feedback appreciated
Camera: Canon EOS rebel t4i 75-300mm
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Great shots!

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I have to ask, does everybody that plays Baseball wear there sunglasses upside down on there hat like you do? Everyone I know who plays baseball does, you also seem to have the same sunglasses as them, is this just a baseball thing? 😂

Regardless, great photos, most of those are really good!

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Yes it’s a baseball thing lol 😂
Thank you tho!!

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Thank you!!

SWA Canyon Blue is by far the best one of the batch♥️

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I always love me some Canyon blue

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I love these! I’ll be spotting for my first time at LGA in a couple weeks I’m excited!

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My favorite is definitely the second photo of the Southwest Canyon Blue livery 👍🏽😁awesome photos

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You’ll love LGA. In fact it was the there where I went plane spotting for the first time ever. Thank you!!

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I love the Canyon blue too. Sad to see them go away. 🤧

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