Save map settings

If I ends my flight and then I’m flying again, the settings are not saved.
See this topic for details.

So my idea is I that the setting are saved. If I do my new flight, the settings are the same as my last flight.


Its (for me) really annoying having to “show terrian” all over again!

I fully support this feature request! 👍


I want to hide fixes and show terain warning. But in my next flight I have to do it again.


@Snelweg_A15… MaxSez. We call it “Pre-Flight”. Don’t just jump in and fly.
Do a pre-Flight every time you strap on an aircraft. Run a checklist, check all your settings to include weight & balance and calibrate prior to every sortie.
Fly safe and by the book. Pre-flight procedures are outlined in the fee FAA pub “The Pilots Handbook” which is available fee from


I get realy anoid about the fact that i have to re equip evry seting i want to have on or off.
I support this feature requesr

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I hope this feature will be added soon.
The ability to save the map settings would be very useful, at least to me. :)