Save flight button

I just got an idea. I have heard many people say they cannot do a long haul flight because it to long and they don’t have time. I know this is stupid and might not work but maybe if there was some way we could pause are flight, and then there could be some button which says sleep or snooze. Then It would say do you want to save your flight if you press yes, then your plane will go off the radar and sign off. Then say the next day you go to your saved flights menu and you click on that flight and it brings you back to that same exact location and you could continue your flight.

Another way this could help is for people for instance say a pilot flew JFK TO Orlando and parked at a gate. Maybe they might want to make a return flight back to JFK but not sure what gate they parked at. With save your flight you could save your flight after you land and parked at your gate. Then the next day you could go to saved flights and pick that flight to make a return flight. This would make it more realistic and fun.

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense and I apologize if this is a duplicate . Have a nice day :)


I like it, but it should only be allowed in solo, or even casual server.

You might even Make it where this feature automatically lands your plane at the nearest airport and you resume your flight from there at your convenience and allow this from any server.


That’s a good idea because I don’t know how I’ll be making 9 hour flights with my phone 😱😂


Yeah I know I have a lot of long haul flights on my list to do but the only way I plane on doing it in one day is waking up really early so it doesn’t take up my whole day

Yeah waking up a early is a good idea but we need the save flight button too.

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I agree. If it was on live we would see aircraft floating over oceans. Takes away realism.

This is a good idea but, should only be on solo.


Not sure why you guys only want this in solo he said that when you sign off you disappear off radar so everything is fine no floating planes anyone care to explain?


Like the idea but should be in solo mode. My opinion.

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To stop the whiners before they start.

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This will not hurt to realism as you can still do a full non stop flight yourself but others who don’t want to and need to take break inbetween can use this.So I’m not sure who’s gonna whine


Yess great idea the firs one is better i think

You really don’t need to quote the whole thing, if that :-)

Very good idea! I like it!

@zbelle you didn’t have to quote the whole thing…

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What’s done is done. 😏

This might actually work for global

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I think what we need for global is a “Skip Time” button.


You use this feature in the settings which saves your previous flight so when you spawn, you spawn at the last airport you landed at

This is confirmed not going to happen time accelerator has been denied

That’s sad, just sad😭