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Ok, so we’ve all had our app crash at least once or twice. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. But, what about a feature that could save you from despair as you see that horrifying black screen of death right before your eyes!? Yes? Well, this is the feature for you!

How it could work
Possible options,

  1. Every half an hour or something, the sim would automatically save your state into some techy folder file thingy that I would never understand 🤪. Then God forbid your device gives up on you, if you can return quickly to the app, you can restart at that last saved state. This would be no more than 30 minutes back (or howver long it would be between each autosave). The user could also manually save it if they had a feeling the app was going to crash.
    I will add more possible options as and when you guys suggest them, so, get thinking!

Potential problems:

  1. What about people popping up randomly on the servers? - well, if you exit the app for a bit, you have that cutoff time right? The same thing applies. If you don’t get back in 30 seconds, sorry, too bad. Maybe you could continue on solo?
  2. What happens if it doesn’t save? - hmmm… anyone got any ideas, no, me either. I think it’d be tough luck
  3. What happens if you respawn into ATC airspace? - good question, maybe it could only be possible to save when not tuned to a frequency and over FL180.
    Again, more will be added.

How would you access your saved state. In “fly online/solo”, which ever you were on, there would be a button in the top left that says “resume last state”, if you are back in time.
What would be saved? - everything! From autopilot config, to fuel, weight, time (you could easily set current if you prefer).
4. Where would it save to? - not sure, may require a nother server which would be costly for development.

What do you think?

Another issue I can think of is spawning inside of ATC controlled airspace and how that might cause problems. Otherwise, pretty cool idea!

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I’ll add that to the list! Maybe it only saves over 18,000? Oh, but what about center, well, we’ll think about it

👏 This. 👏 Needs. 👏 To be. 👏 A thing. 👏

I’ll consider voting. Definitely.


Nope, this is not happening. Imagine the amount of stress atc would face when 35 aircraft start appearing in their airspace from thin air.

I’m no developer, but I have a feeling this is not a high priority.


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I really like this idea, maybe make it so you can’t spawn inside if ATC airspace. I’m going to wait to see if the crash bug is fixed in 20.1, but if it’s not, I’ll vote!

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@Claudio It could be a thing where it only saves after a certain altitude

What happens if you crashed while on approach or something then when you respawn you are in the same place as another aircraft or mess up the pattern?

Not sure why that was flagged, it was a legit question

It was flagged as “inappropriate” but it clearly isn’t.


I doubt 35 people would all disconnect at the same time in the same place, be realistic instead of just dismissing a very fair suggestion


Exactly. Well said.

Read number 3 of potential problems I just added!

And I just voted!

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A good idea, but I think it is still immature.

Why immature?

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Remember to vote for your own post by the way! :)

Immature just means not fully developed. (I think) that’s what he means.


This might also require another server to store the data, which I don’t think is worth the cost.