Save controller settings and allow use of dpad

Hi guys, first of all thanks for the great work put into IF. Some time ago I sent an email to support and was told the controller settings are forgotten every time you lunch the app.

What are the plans for saving the controller settings? BTW, I use an Xbox One controller.

Another thing is that the dpad does not work separately from the joystick. I would like to be able to use the left joystick to control the plane, but also use the dpad for other things, like spoiler etc.

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Hey. I don’t think that an Xbox controller is ‘officially regocnised’ as an IF joystick/controller. Also, the fact that the settings never save is a known ‘issue’ but as IF no longer helps supporting them it won’t be fixed (soon). If you set it a lot you’ll get it done in 1-2 minutes.

Hope this helps

Welcome to the community btw🎉

Thanks for the welcome message and for clarifying the supportability of the Xbox controller, much appreciated.

The community has everything to gain if IF officially supports the most widely used controllers in the market (Xbox and Dualshock).

It would be very sad if IF would miss the chance to do so. For me, having the alternative of using this kind of input method is what drives me to use IF, and I’m sure other members might feel the same.

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