Savannah Ramp Pictures

Howdy everyone 👋🏼 This is my first post in… a while

Im a Ramp Agent for United at KSAV and I just wanted to share a few photo’s i’ve captured from my week at work. Enjoy!

JetBlue A320 Celtics Livery

United A320 Evo-blue

Southwest Max 8

United E175 Evo-blue

Jetblue A320 Exede Livery

And a bonus United 787-9 Evo-blue that took me from SFO-EWR overnight on Thursday :)


Amazing shots!


i went to savannah in october of 2020, it’s an awesome airport! great pictures btw 😳

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KSAV is awesome… love that place.

Nice pictures

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Cool pictures

Amazing pictures! How long does it take to become a ramp agent?

Dang dude those JetBlue w Are Fire my dad used to work for them

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Greetings from up the coast in CHS

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After background checks and training about 2-3 months

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