Savagedonkey’s ATC tracking thread [CLOSED] - KCOS

COS has active ATC for training server, come on down for a flight from COS to ORD In a crj with american or united or in a frontier plane.

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Hello! Please use the proper ATC thread format: Savagedonkey’s ATC tracking thread [OPEN] - KCOS. I also recommend you change the category to the ATC catagory. Thanks!


Two planes already. COme on down quick.

I am Controlling KCOs

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I am new to the in flight community. Sorry if i didn’t do it right.

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Done. Title changed and moved to ATC.

We really need to work on making new users feel welcome instead of blasting how they post stuff.


@Savagedonkey this is your ATC Tracking Thread. Please use only this one and edit your title to [OPEN] when you control and [CLOSED] when you are done controlling

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It’s ok! Everyone starts somewhere :) I suggest you take a look at the guidlines first to familiarize yourself with the community. Take a look here to look at some basic rules of the forum.

Great to see you on this community! Clearly you have an interest in Controlling, which is really good because we’re always short of good controllers, both on Training and on Expert server.

I strongly recommend you watch the IFATC training videos on YouTube, made by Tyler. They’re very educational, and you’ll learn a lot. You will also have questions, and when you do, search the #tutorials section. In no time, you’ll pick up up basic controlling skills and you can contribute as ATC on Training. Don’t be put off by pilots who don’t listen; instead work with the ones that do listen.

The IFATC tutorials will also help you become a better pilot!

You now have an official tracking thread, which is great. Every time you open, make sure you update the title of this post, with the airport name and (open). This way, we can find you. If you allow enough time (at least an hour), you’ll find pilots who fly for you, and give you feedback.
Don’t forget to change the title to (closed) when you stop controlling.

Any questions, search this forum and, if you can’t find the answer, ask! We’re here to help eachother

Best regards


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