This is my first attempt at screenshot and videos. Positive criticism is welcome.

A few days ago, May 19th I performed FAOR-FACT using the A330 SAA.
Below SAVA 29 operated by @JamesHarvey just landed his CRJ-200 at O R Tambo International Airport runway 03L as I lined up and waited.

As the CRJ cleared the active I powered up the engines and started my take off roll.
With a rather strong crosswind take off was a little tricky as the wind pushed the aircraft to the right. Some left rudder action can be seen below.

Nearly 2 hours after departure SAVACOO was on short final runway 01 at Cape Town International Airport. As a storm had moved in, winds where buffering the aircraft on final and visibility was deteriorating.

With winds gusting SAVACOO landed a bit further down the runway than planned. The aircraft landed safely and rolled out to the end of the runway while SAVA28 taxi’d to the active

SAVACOO, FAOR-FACT using the SAA A330. 237 passengers and 12 tones of baggage and cargo was onboard. Total flight time of 2:02 with a block time of 2:18.
Take off 03L FAOR and landing 01FACT
Cruise was at FL360 at M0.80


Nice photos 👍


Thank you. Appreciate your kind words.

Really Great pictures and I love the tons of detail you provided nice job

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I noticed you have more than 10 pictures…

Nice pictures of Africa dude!

Sorry! One was a duplicate.
Corrected, thank you for pointing that out.

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Nice photos

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nice pictures

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Thank you.
I’m working on my next one with better scenic pictures.

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Well done! I like them a lot.

Are you german by any chance?

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Thank you sir!

And no I’m not. I’m South African.

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Nice pics! I’ve been to Cape Town IRL, it was amazing! One of my fav trips😉

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very nice pictures!

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