Saudi's Modern Port City Fly-Out Event, Hosted by me Pictures

Today was my Event I hosted in OEJN, it was really fun. The sunset Departure was awesome and I am glad everyone enjoyed it. I flew to Muscat (OOMS) in the awesome Oman Air A333 Livery. The photos are not really in sunset but here they are:

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@RhendyAvGeek @The-Myth @IF_AfganAviation @Ethan_Brown @William_Tin @Shamrock1AKHeavy

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@Shamrock1AKHeavy @William_Tin @Ethan_Brown @Ethan_Brown @Carloslikesplanes23 @ariete @The-Myth @IF_AfganAviation @RhendyAvGeek

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Great job with the editing!

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Thank you