SaudiGulf Airlines to buy Boeing widebodies

SaudiGulf Airlines has signed an agreement with Boeing about the proposed purchase of Boeing widebody aircraft. The signing ceremony took place in Riyadh this weekend during the first visit to Saudi Arabia of the President of the U.S. Donald Trump.


I’m sure their livery will look amazing on a B779 or a B788 :)


Why are you sorry about that?

I meant sure 😂😂

Auto-correction is destroying me 😂


Big deal, even more so because they have not been a Boeing customer before.

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Yeah, it is really frustrating when that happens

Anyway, this is a landmark deal for Boeing and for the airline.


Interesting plan they have, a big leap for them. They has only four A320’s, but they already ordered 24 of CS300 and now they are ordering widebodies.

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You sure are posting a lot of RWA topics.

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Absolutely useless in my opinion. I also noticed the same website is being used, advertising eh?


Probably paid by the website to do so. 😂

Thanks Donald Trump!

Partially advertising, partially just sharing news stories. I’m not a bot either, I am an actual human being, and no, I am not paid to do so. As you can see, we have a domain, which means we haven’t upgraded and therefore do not make any money from any reports. And I have been commenting on a few of them.

After all, why shouldn’t I share the reports. No one else is sharing this information here, and I am providing reports for people on the forums to read.


There’s a reason for that. This isn’t an aviation news forum, but one of a simulator, the #real-world-aviation is really supposed to be for personal experiences, and yes, periodically a news article, but not daily topics about every single decision an airline makes, this isn’t to be rude, just honest :).


Ok, that’s understandable. I’ll take that into consideration and reduce the number of reports shared.


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