Saudia263’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ OKBK

Airport: OKBK Kuwait City International Airport, Kuwait

Featured Airline: Kuwait Airways (livery only available on IF 777-300ER)

Open for 10 minutes waiting for aircraft, if no aircraft are seen ATC will be closed


Great idea pal, will join up right at this moment! Ahah

Hi, sorry I disconnected for a few minutes but you can join now on training server @OKBK

Como entro a ATC Control en servicio de experto?

Do you speak English? If not, I’ll send you a PM explaining how it works.

Hablas inglés? Si es que no, te enviaré un mensaje para explicarte el proceso en español.

usted tiene que unirse a IFATC primero

Btw, this thread will reopen at 2021-05-18T18:00:00Z and will stay open for 15 minutes until aircraft are spotted, if no aircraft are seen at OKBK during this time, the thread will be re-closed

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