Saudia263’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @OEYN

Hello everyone. ATC is open on training server at OEYN (Yanbu Airport - Saudi Arabia)

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Atc now open

Are you still open? You should edit your post once you’re closed.

Feel free to tag me when you open again! 🙂

@sutterseba I am open again now. If nobody joins in the next 10 minutes I will close again

Will be there in just a minute (N224PE)


10 character limit

Also, anyone who joins, please rate my staffing at the end 😊

You should check out (and thoroughly read) the ATC Manual. All procedures are explained in detail there. There are also a lot of great tutorials on YouTube, especially this one.

If you want to become IFATC, I would suggest you do the written exam first. This will make training easier as you already know all the concepts then! 🙂

I’ll still try to give feedback on our session:

  • Continue taxi ist not used to give someone a taxi instruction. You use that if you told an aircraft to hold position for example and want them to continue taxiing to their assigned runway or parking.

  • You do not need to handover manually to tower. The taxi instruction includes an instruction to change frequency already by telling the pilot to contact tower when ready.

  • Before you issue a takeoff clearance, wait for the aircraft to report that they’re ready for departure and check out their intention (Do they want to depart the airspace or remain in the pattern).

  • When an aircraft says they want to remain in the pattern (like I did), you give them a traffic instruction (make left/right traffic) to let them know which circuit you want them to be on. They will then fly around the airport to (usually) perform touch and go manoeuvres.

    When I turned right after departure, you could have already cleared me for the option, runway 10.

    Check out the linked video above to see more about this sort of stuff.

This all might sound a bit harsh right now, but we all gotta start somewhere! Just hang in there and you will be a fantastic controller in no time! 😀


Thanks for the feedback. Very useful!

ATC open now training server @EDDF

Sorry, but this was not a pleasant experience.
. Why do you direct me to 7c when 7r is nearby?
. Why is patternwork not permitted, you have to allow this unless there is busy traffic.
. Why did I have to make mediate takeof, there was no other traffic, non on final.
. Why did you repeat my take of clearence? Be patient.

Wish you success with training.

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Ping me when you’re open next, I’d love to help!

Sorry, my device was glitching so bad, I could only see a quarter of the map

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