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Who Are We?

We are a virtual airline on a mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. Our main airline is Saudia, one of the best airline in Asia and the best in Saudi Arabia. Saudia has operated to over 130 destinations across the globe, and we are operating from Saudia main hub, Jeddah (JED/OEJN).

About Us

Saudia Virtual was founded on 1 March 2021 by Andre Daniel and got approved by the IFVARB on 10 May 2021. Saudia is one of the best airline in Asia and the best in Saudi Arabia. We operate many aircraft, ranging from the narrow-body, Embraer E-190 to the wide-body, Boeing 747-8F. What do we offer to you? We offer you to fly with our 3 airlines across the globe! We have Saudia, Saudia Cargo, and Flyadeal as our mainline airline. Also, we operated from our main hub, Jeddah (JED/OEJN) with more than 250 routes across the globe! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and explore the world with Saudia Virtual together!

Our Mission

We are Saudia Virtual and known as SVVA, our mission is to be one of the most professional virtual airline, and can provide a realistic experience to our pilots. We always prioritize QUALITY over QUANTITY to our pilots, and we strive to uphold the highest standards of the Infinite Flight Community and IFVARB.


According to real-life, Saudia has a subsidiary, Flyadeal. So we tap into this to make our routes connection bigger!

About Flyadeal
Flyadeal is a Saudi Arabia LCC (low-cost carrier) airline based at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. It is owned by Saudi Arabia’s flag carrier, Saudia. Flyadeal began operation on 23 September 2017 serving domestic destinations.

Hi there! I’m Andre Daniel, as known as Gritz, I’m the Founder and President of Saudia Virtual.

I started making this VA on 1 March 2021. My reason to make SVVA is, to develop my responsibility as a VA president, also I want to feel what it’s like to be a president in a VA. I’m really glad to lead and make this VA.

I invite you to join us today. Why? Because we have amazing airlines, aircraft, and routes! We have over 3,100 routes across the globe on our routes database now. Also, we have an advanced Crew Center. And we are based in Saudi Arabia. I’m pleased that you choose to join us. I hope to see you onboard soon and flying across the globe with Saudia Virtual.

See you onboard!

Best regards,
Andre D. | Founder & President of SVVA

I like SVVA because it’s very exciting! The Staff is nice and helpful! They also have plenty of routes and codeshare across the globe, Saudia, and some parts of Asia! If you are looking to join a Saudi Arabian VA with some codeshare that will take you across to some parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Americas, Saudia Virtual is a good choice!

Thifal A. | Sr. Pilot of Saudia Virtual

Being a pilot here, at Saudia Virtual is a wonderful thing, I was contacted to do the banner for the official thread and I was so glad that someone requests me to do the banner, I’ve started, after that, flying for Saudia Virtual and I love this VA now because there are amazing routes, thanks for this wonderful team also because the staff are always here to help!

Baptiste D. | Former Sr. Pilot of Saudia Virtual

Our staff team is here to provide you the best experience, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff members!

SLT - Senior Leadership Team
IFC Position
@Gritz Founder & President
@IFPHG-CARL Vice President
@MisterRaf Deputy President
OLT - Operational Leadership Team
IFC Position
Vacant Recruitment Manager Pilots Management Team
Vacant Flight Supervisor Flight Supervision Team
@kurtis HR Manager Pilots Management Team
Vacant Events Manager Events Management Team
Vacant Digital Marketing Manager Marketing Management Team
Vacant Flight Instructor Pilots Management Team
NST - Non-Staff Team
IFC Position
Vacant Events Leader Events Management Team
Vacant Events Leader Events Management Team
Vacant Events Leader Events Management Team
Vacant Advisor Support Staff Team
Vacant Advisor Support Staff Team
Vacant Advisor Support Staff Team

The roles above are not official staff member positions.

Want to be a part of the team?

We are currently hiring for staff member positions and NST positions! If you are interested in joining the team, please check the details here. See you on the team!

Saudia Virtual has 15 unique aircraft types and 5 liveries, ranging from the narrow-body, Embraer E-170 to the wide-body, Boeing 747-8F. Whether you prefer commercial or cargo, Saudia Virtual has it all.

20210821_011614 Saudia Fleet 20210821_011614

Aircraft Cruising Speed Max Speed Ceiling Range
A319-100 M0.78 M0.82 39,100ft 3,100nm
A320-200 M0.78 M0.82 39,100ft 3,300nm
A321-200 M0.78 M0.82 39,100ft 3,200nm
A330-300 M0.82 M0.86 41,100ft 6,350nm
B747-400 M0.85 M0.92 45,100ft 7,285nm
B777-200ER M0.84 M0.89 43,100ft 5,240nm
B777-300ER M0.84 M0.89 43,100ft 7,370nm
B787-9 M0.85 M0.90 43,100ft 7,635nm
B787-10 M0.85 M0.90 41,100ft 6,430nm
MD-11 M0.82 M0.88 43,000ft 6,725nm
ERJ-170 M0.75 M0.82 41,000ft 2,150nm

20210821_011614 Saudia Cargo Fleet 20210821_011614

Aircraft Cruising Speed Max Speed Ceiling Range
B747-8F M0.85 M0.90 43,100ft 7,730nm
B777F M0.84 M0.89 43,100ft 4,970nm
MD-11F M0.82 M0.88 43,000ft 3,592nm

20210615_180750 Flyadeal Fleet 20210718_164207

Aircraft Cruising Speed Max Speed Ceiling Range
A320-200 M0.78 M0.82 39,100ft 3,300nm
Livery Request Threads

Want to see more Saudia Virtual mainline liveries on Infinite Flight? Vote on the threads below!

Aircraft Livery Thread
A320-200 Saudia Thread
A320-200 Saudia SkyTeam Thread
A320-200 Flyadeal Thread
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In Saudia Virtual, we operate destinations to Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America, and North America. We have a total of more than 3,100 routes (including codeshare routes) on our routes database, across the globe! You can see our routes database and map below.

Saudia Virtual Routes Map

Saudia | Domestic Routes

Saudia | International Routes

Saudia | Cargo Routes

Saudia | Charter Routes

Saudia | Historical Routes

Flyadeal | Routes

Across The Globe | Routes

Hub Airports

As a VA, we have Hub Airports that connect airport to airport. These Hub Airports are based on real-world Saudia’s, Saudia Cargo’s, and Flyadeal’s Hub Airports, and Secondary Hub Airports.

Jeddah JED/OEJN [3D]
Medinah MED/OEMA

We have 8 ranks, and 5 awards rank. Below, you will see the list of all the ranks that we have. Click here to see what unlocked on each rank.

Rank Requirements
Cadet None
Second Officer Passed Check Ride Phase / 0-14 Hours
Sr. First Officer 30-49 Hours
Captain 50-99 Hours
Sr. Captain 100-199 Hours
Fleet Captain 200-349 Hours
Commander 350-499 Hours


Award Requirements
SkyTeam Award 500-799 Hours
AlFursan Bronze Award 800-1199 Hours
AlFursan Gold Award 1200-1499 Hours
AlFursan Diamond Award 1500-1999 Hours
AlFursan Ruby Award >2000 Hours

As a VA, we also have many programs to offer to our pilots! See below to see our current programs.

We have a program called Across The Globe. What is the Across The Globe? Across The Globe is a program where pilots can fly ULR Routes from our main hub, Jeddah (JED/OEJN) to Oceania, Japan, South Africa, and the Americas with our Long-Hauler aircraft, B777-300ER, and B787-9. The routes are fictive, so we can explore the world freely! This program is unlocked at rank 7, Fleet Captain rank. ATG has 21 destinations across the globe! They are, San Francisco (KSFO), Seattle (KSEA), Miami (KMIA), Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), SP-Guarulhos (SBGR), RJ-Galeao (SBGL), Buenos Aires (SAEZ), Santiago (SCEL), Lima (SPJC), Bogota (SKBO), Perth (YPPH), Adelaide (YPAD), Melbourne (YMML), Brisbane (YBBN), Auckland (NZAA), Nadi (NFFN), Anchorage (PANC), Osaka (RJBB), Johannesburg (FAOR), Mexico City (MMMX) and Port Moresby (AYPY).

vRoyal Saudi Air Force (vRSAF), one of our programs. What is vRSAF? vRSAF is the “Virtual” version of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). Why do we add it as one of our programs? RSAF has an aircraft painted with Saudia livery, that’s why we add it to SVVA as one of our programs. vRSAF has a total of 8 bases, across Saudi Arabia. All SVVA pilots will be able to fly from/to any airport in the world with vRSAF aircraft, but, they have to depart or land on one of the vRSAF bases.

vRSAF Fleet:
C-130H (Egypt AF Livery)
C-130J (RAF Livery)
F-15 (Replaced by F-18)
P-8 Poseidon (Replaced by B738 Generic)
A330 MRTT (Replaced by A333 Generic)

vRSAF Operating Air Bases:
King Khalid Air Base (OEKM)
King Fahad Air Base (OETF)
King Abdulaziz Air Base (OEDR)
King Khalid Military City (OEKK)
Prince Sultan Air Base (OEPS)
King Faisal Air Base (OETB)
King Abdullah Air Base (OEJN)
Riyadh Air Base (OERY)

SVVA pilots will be able to fly, Saudia Royal Jet Program once they are reaching the rank of SkyTeam Award! With the aircraft listed below from/to any airport, they like to go to! This will give SVVA pilots freedom to explore the world!

SRJ Fleet:
Cessna Citation X
Daher TBM-930
Boeing 787-8 BBJ (Boeing livery)
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 777-200LR BBJ (Boeing livery)
Boeing 757-200 BBJ (Generic livery)
Boeing 747-8 BBJ
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 737-900 BBJ
Boeing 737-700 BBJ
Airbus A318-100 ACJ
Airbus A330-900 ACJ (Generic livery)
Airbus A350-900 ACJ (Airbus livery)

For IFATC that an official SVVA pilot will be able to file their session and Training Time/Test Time flight to our Crew Center, however, they have to use their SVVA callsign in flight. If they are controlling our event, they are eligible to use the multiplier of the event, regardless of they rank.

We are glad to be a member of these 3 alliances! Please take a look at our alliances below to know more about them.

SkyTeam Virtual Alliance

SkyTeamIF Thread

SkyTeamIF was founded in August 2018 by Air France-KLM Virtual Group and Delta Virtual Air Lines. SkyTeam has been the dream of the leadership of the two Virtual Airlines since the conception of Infinite Flight’s Global Update in 2017 and has grown to include six great VA’s on Infinite Flight. The SkyTeam Alliance has flourished behind the scenes with the integration of AF-KLM and DLVA into a centralized slack, with new SkyTeam VAs joining the force.

Global Cargo Alliance

Global Cargo Alliance Thread

The Global Cargo Alliance (GCA) was established in July of 2021 by UPS Virtual. Now with a growing number of members, our mission is simple - we aim to bring more awareness, exposure and excitement to the cargo portion of Infinite Flight. What can you expect from this alliance? Events, group flights, coordination of cargo activities all in an effort to continue to grow the demand for more cargo VA’s, cargo aircraft and liveries within the Infinite Flight platform. We work as one unified team here with each virtual airline having a say in how we continue to grow our alliance and our unified goals.

We are proud to be the first ever cargo virtual alliance and look forward to inspiring others to join the world of cargo and explore the many different parts of the world that our operations can take you. From small airports in the most well known places, to larger airports in the least known places, there is an adventure for everyone.

Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance

Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance Thread

Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance (MEVA) is an Alliance for all Middle Eastern VAs. Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance was founded in August 2021 by @Saudia263 & @Gritz. Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance was approved on 19 September 2021 by the IFVARB.

As a VA, we are really glad that we have many codeshare routes. Some of their routes are based on real-world codeshares. This enables pilots to fly further, with new routes, airlines, and aircraft! We are currently a partner with the following airlines.

Not Listed Above (Non-VA)
Other Codeshare Partners
Middle East Airlines TAROM China Eastern Airlines
Czech Airlines Kenya Airways Gulf Air
Oman Air Srilankan Airlines Royal Air Maroc
China Airlines Yemenia

We are using Flare for our Crew Center, hosted by VAHost. What are Flare and VAHost? Flare is the latest and greatest of crew centers, offering advanced features such as ACARS, event management, and advanced plugin support, meaning you can customize Flare every which way. And VAHost is what we use to host our Crew Center. Then what is a Crew Center? Crew Center is a place where you can file PIREP, search mainline routes, see your stats, and more! And that’s all are just all in one website! You can see our Crew Center features below.

Crew Center Features
  • Manual PIREP filling
  • Mainline routes database
  • Logbook for all of your PIREPs
  • Live map to see current SVVA pilots flying on the Expert Server
  • Pilot home, with all of the information about your crew center account, and with a news feed
  • Hub page to see your hub airport

Why Us?

Saudia is one of the best airlines in Asia and the best in Saudi Arabia. Saudia is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In Saudia Virtual, we have 3 mainline airlines, they are, Saudia, Saudia Cargo, and Flyadeal. And more than 70 codeshare airlines. Also, we have many routes with over 3,100 routes on our routes database, across the globe. Saudia Virtual also has 15 unique aircraft types with 5 liveries, ranging from the narrow-body, Embraer E-170 to the wide-body, Boeing 747-8F. And that all are just in one VA, Saudia Virtual. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and explore the world with Saudia Virtual together!


– Must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subs.
– Must be at least Grade 3.
– Have an active IFC account.
– Able to access Discord.
– At least 13 years old or above.
– No more than 3 Level 2 or 3 Violations in the last 60 days.
– Not on the IFVARB Blacklist or Watchlist.
– Obtain at least 70% for the written test.
– Able to log one flight a month.

Please click the button below to apply.

Apply Icon

Apply For Staff Position

Application Process

1 | Application Submitted

Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted via IFC within 48 hours for your application status. If you are not have contacted me within 48 hours, please send a message to this account.

2 | Written Test

If your application has been approved, you will be given the written test form, you will be asked for 50 Questions , and the passing mark is 70% (70/100). If you failed the test, you will be able to retest in one week. If you failed the test three times, you will be able to reapply in 1 month.

3 | Check Ride Phase

Once you have passed the written test and joined our Discord server, you will be given your assigned callsign, and you must complete the check ride test. You will behave to complete these three steps:
- 1. Circuit patterns on Unicom/ATC Active Airport.
- 2. Fly inbound to active airspace with APPROACH/CENTER, GROUND & TOWER frequencies.

4 | Enrollment To Our Crew Center

Once you have passed the check ride phase, you must register to our Crew Center, please let our staff know after submitting it, then our staff will approve your Crew Center application. And you are all set! You can start flying with us now.

If you have any questions, concerns, queries, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us via this account and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed, or any other methods to contact us below.

Discourse Icon @SaudiaVirtual

Email Icon

Social Media
Insta Icon @saudiavirtual.if

Youtube Icon Saudia Virtual


Saudia Virtual Line


Copyright © 2022 Saudia Virtual

SVVA is not affiliated with the real-world Saudia Group. All trademarks and logos remain the property of their respective owners.

Hey everyone 👋 Welcome to our new thread! We hope you’re doing well and happy new year! We are glad to say that The 2022 Project is now 100% finished! Please see the document below to see what’s new and read it slowly.



Any feedback? Fill out the feedback form here!

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Amazing thread! We are so happy to be partners with Saudia Virtual! We look forward to what the future hold for y’all.

Noah Wills
CEO of @WhiteCloudVirtual


Thanks! We’re also happy to be one of your partners!

Saudia Virtual Line
Founder & President
Saudia Virtual



This thread looks amazing, we’re glad to be a key partner of yours, and we look forward to seeing what 2022 has waiting for us.

Chief Executive Officer
Malaysia Airlines Virtual


What an incredible thread. We are so grateful to be partners with Saudia Virtual, and can’t wait for what’s yet to come! On behalf of the entire ARVA staff team, we look forward to 2022, and see what our partnership holds.


Ryder West,
Founder & CEO
Argentinas Virtual


love the thread!

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Saudia Virtual Line
Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


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Nice thread SVA!

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Thanks, @canton!

Saudia Virtual Line
Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


Current Pilots: 24
Pending Pilot Applications: 3
Pending Pilot Check Ride: 2
Hours Flown: 1,800+
PIREPs Filled: 315+
Total Routes: 2,800+
Total Codeshares: 53

Saudia Virtual Line

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Hello there! 👋 I hope you’re doing well. Welcome back to another Saudia Virtual announcement, this time we are back with the March Edition. Please take your time on reading the announcement below.


The Ramadhan Month Is Here!

As the Month of Ramadhan is ahead, as a Saudi Arabian VA, we will be celebrating the Ramadhan with the following offers to our VA!

• All flights will have 2x Multiplier.
• All Saudia Group Domestic flights will have 3x Multiplier.
• For all pilots that a part of the IFATC can log an SVVATC PIREP with 2x Multiplier if you control a Saudi Arabian airport.

This only affects between April 2nd, 2022 - May 2nd, 2022.


New Codeshare Agreements

Saudia Virtual has agreed to a Codeshare Agreement with airBaltic Virtual, New-Latin Virtual (LATAM) & AeroMexico Virtual! More than 190 routes have been added to our database, check out our routes database to see the routes!


New Codeshare Routes

More than 10 AirAsia Virtual new routes have been added to our database!


And that’s all for the March Edition announcement. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff members or send a message to this account. Have a nice day!

Any feedback? Fill out the feedback form here!

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Op requested closure. Making a new thread.