Saudia Virtual - Brand New Crew Center! [NOW RECRUITING STAFF & PILOTS]

Achieve your goals with Saudia Virtual!

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When we started in May 2019, we were a mess. We used a bad Discord, had no plan whatsoever. Then around July, we really figured it out. After that, we got approved in late August. We haven’t been very successful until now. We really want to turn it around, to make it the best possible Virtual Airline we can! It’s still a long road, but we hope to be going a step in the right direction.

Latvia, President of Saudia Virtual

Pilot Requirements

Valid non-suspended Infinite Flight Community
Be able to pass our quick check on your profile. (For staff, this check is more extensive)

If you pass everything, you will be invited to our Slack and signed up for our crew center. We reserve the right to reject your application at any time, no matter how good your application is.

We’re now using a crew center called IFBase, developed by @ChrisToxz. We will soon get auto-PIREP, but not quite yet. You can find their thread here:


We’re part of SkyTeam Virtual, for which you can contact @MrMrMan or @mwe2187 about.

TUI Virtual

We have a codeshare with TUI, for which you can fly with and we hope to have an event with TUI Virtual!


This is the lowest aircraft in our fleet and rank structure, but it’s still powerful and mighty for such a small plane. In Infinite Flight, it has live instruments, making it perfect for realistic short haul flights!


We have only recently added this plane to our fleet, but we all love it. Similar to the A319, it has live instruments and is accessible at our lowest rank. It is only slightly larger than the A319.


This is a great medium range plane made by Airbus. It will probably get reworked soon, and hopefully have the Saudia livery added! You can fly it on very short flights, or very long ones. It’s a very versatile plane!


We love this efficient beautiful aircraft. It’s the little brother to the 787-10, but with a longer range. It’s used on some of our longest flights, only beat by the 777-300ER. It’s the largest aircraft in our fleet that has our livery. We want this aircraft to be used often, and hope you like it!


This is our best aircraft, despite it not having a Saudia livery. It does our longest flights, and is only accessible to our highest rank pilots, but we can make exceptions occasionally for pilots who can do long flights regularly. We hope to have the Saudia livery added soon.


The iconic Queen of The Skies is a beautiful aircraft, that we reserve for our most prestigious pilots. No Saudia livery, but as usual we hope to get it soon. I love it personally, but recognize it should be flown professionally, without incident. Everyone loves it, and so do we.


This is our favourite and only cargo aircraft, which is an old-ish trijet, and released in late 2017 for Infinite Flight. We recommend you fly it long haul, and allow our senior ranks to fly this rather iconic plane!



We made our ranks so you can easily rank up, but also feel a sense of achievement.

Crew Member - This is our lowest rank, at which you can fly the A319 and A320.
Crew Manager - This will be your first promotion, which is received when you hit 5 hours. You can fly the A319, A320 and A330.
First Officer - This is the first pilot rank, which you’ll receive at 10 hours. You can fly the A319, A320, A330 and the 787-9.
Senior First Officer - This is a promotion from First Officer received at 20 hours, and you can fly the A319, A320, A330, 787-9 and 777-300ER.
Captain - This is the first senior rank, which you receive at 50 hours. You can fly the A319, A320, A330, 787-9, MD-11F and 777-300ER
Senior Captain - This is achieved at 80 hours, and you can fly all aircraft but the 747-400!
Commander - This is the rank at which you can fly with a 2x multiplier, and can give out rewards and punishments to pilots, achieved at 150 hours!
Staff Member - This rank is our highest of all, where you receive a staff role. If you get promoted from Commander, you can keep your 2x multiplier.

We have a nice staff team, which is slowly growing!

@Latvia - President
@Jens_Severin - Deputy President
@Ondrej - Vice President
@NiharG - Senior Advisor
@ThePlaneFlyer - HR Manager

We are Currently Recruiting the Following Staff Positions:

  • Recruiter
  • Cheif Pilot
    Fill out Our Application form if you are interested

We use Slack for communication. We tried Discord for communication, and while it was good, it didn’t have some of the features we really need, and therefor couldn’t regularly use it happily.

We hope to see you soon at Saudia Virtual!


Great Thread guys!


Nice thread! Keep it up!


Great thread! Great VA! Best luck in success.


Thanks guys!


Really nice thread! Good luck!


We are glad you like it!
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Positions Available:

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For any applications from now to November 31st, we are offering two ranks up for joining!

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Still Looking for Staff Applications As stated in the above post


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@SaudiaVirtual is Glad to be Paticipating in @anon41771314 Event. Saudia Pilots DONT forget to sign up!

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I have applied, but can you cancel it, I have changed my mind

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Hey @Latvia & @anon10745027! How’s your VA faring?

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@ran and everyone else here,

We’ve had some changes recently. Me, Jens, and Ondrejj have moved on, and passed the title of CEO to @Ali_Naaman, who we hope will be a good leader of Saudia. I am now Private Flying Group COO, if you need me.

Thanks To Everyone At Saudia,


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