Saudia Virtual - Achieve your dreams with Saudia!

Welcome to Saudia Virtual, where we say:

“Achieve your goals with Saudia Virtual.”

Website, Crew Center, Application


First Officer - 0 Hours

Senior First Officer - 15 Hours

Captain - 45 Hours

Senior Captain - 100 Hours

Legendary Captain - 200 Hours

These are also available to view on our website with our fleet attached!

Our fleet is vast, and we hope you enjoy flying with it! Our fleet consists of the following:

737-700BBJ - Wonderful Aircraft to fly as a private plane. Also, you can fly it as soon as applying, because it’s available at the Junior Pilot Rank!

737-900BBJ - Is slightly larger than the 737-700BBJ, and is also available at the First Officer rank!

A319 - My personal favourite aircraft in Infinite Flight, the tiny beast can tear through anything you put at it. Available at Junior Pilot, and I recommend personally as a beginner plane.

A318ACJ - This private Airbus is a luxury, and you can fly it at Senior First Officer.

Cessna CCX - This jet is the best choice for medium range private flight. Available at Senior First Officer.

MD11F - A plane for when you reach Captain, your cargo will be safe while proudly displaying the Saudia livery.

A330-300 - With the recent A330 update, at Captain you can fly this aircraft with wingflex for all sorts of flights!

787-9 - This efficient long range plane by Boeing is comfortable for passengers, and allows ultra long range flights at Senior Captain!

The 777-200 is a variant of the marvellous 777, which will take you everywhere at the Senior Captain rank.

The 747-8BBJ is our top plane, nicknamed the queen of the skies, available once you reach the prestigious Legendary Captain rank!

The 777-300ER will fly our longest routes, all the way to New York from Jeddah at Legendary Captain if you so want!


We are an official member of the IFC SkyTeam group, which is a partnership like no other! Contact @MrMrMan for any SkyTeam related questions.

Many of you might be wondering what our plans are for the future, so here you go:

August 2019 - VA Opening

October 2019 - Pilot surveys

November 2019 - General VA Improvements

December 2019 - Definite Christmas event, and a hopeful thread relaunch

We’ll update this timeline every month, so you have an idea of what the next three months look like.

We have a wonderful staff team spanning many time zones, so here’s a list of all of them!

@Latvia - President
@Jens_Severin - Deputy President
@Ondrejj - Vice President
@NiharG - Senior Advisor
@Manav_Suri - Senior HR Manager
@Tomjet073 - Internal Affairs
Vacant - Recruitment Manager
Vacant - Chief Pilot
Vacant - HR Officer


Many happy landings and all the best to this new VA!


Wow! nice thread @SaudiaVirtual!

Wishing you all the best! :D


I gotta say, this thread looks really good. Best of luck. 🤞


Nice thread. Good luck from now on!


Nice, A virtual airline based in the desert

This is great!

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I saw this new on IFVARB and have been waiting for a thread to hopefully apply!

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Awesome! I was the one who accidentally edited your Google docs on your Saudia VA version of the IFC.

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Thanks for all the enthusiasm, hope to see some applications soon!



We’ve opened applications for Chief Pilot, due to @Tomjet073 being promoted to Internal Affairs recently. Again, please join, and we hope to have a new chief Pilot soon!



Congratulations Saudia Virtual and welcome to the community!

We’ll miss you at NSV, Latvia! Best luck with this project from all of us at Nonstop.


Nice looking VA guys, all the best wishes!!

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Welcome to the Community! Great to have another SkyTeam VA 😄


You should have taken it into a DM in the first place. Publicly criticizing a VA over an event name isnt a great idea.


I don’t know if I can dm VAs like that

If you can post it in the thread, surely you can just PM them by clicking the blue “message” button when you click their profile picture. It’s okay to PM a VA about feedback.


Alright, I will do that next time.

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Yay! I am so happy you were approved… (pls dm me)


do u have route database?

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We do, on our crew center. I can send you a csv if you’d like.