Saudia Embraer E170


Can you add some text or photo credit to this? It’s a bit bland to have just a photo…

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Credit is in the photo.


You have to provide a link no matter what.

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That’s a copyright which you violated.


Can’t we just appreciate a good photo and not give the OP grief by threadcrapping for once? If the mods want to play picture party pooper, then that’s up to them.

Thanks, and good livery, OP.


Wait what? The picture has credit, what’s the problem, may you explain?

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Thank you @zbelle :)

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Sure, the picture has a credit on the photo, you have to provide the image source.

Credit on picture watermark is plain as day.

See above. Can we get back on topic? Thanks.

But if it is from a website that also deserves credit, you need to show where you got it from.

I searched it up and this is what came up.

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I got the link for you

Place it under the photo.

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OHh lovely that cute, awesome livery, 😍👍🏼👌🏼

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More liveries have to be added to the E-Jet family, seriously… After the CRJ rework. 😬


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