Saudia Cargo B777F

Saudia Cargo - B777F


Seen here landing at Maastricht Aachen Airport


About Saudia Cargo:
Saudia Cargo is a Saudi Arabian airfreight flag carrier established in 2007. Its headquarter is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Saudia Cargo provides multi-specialized cargo handling as it operates a fleet of 9 freighter aircraft (B747-400 and B777F) to 14 cargo destinations as well as over 59 belly international destinations across 6 continents.

Cargo Hold Info

About The B777F:

The 777 Freighter (777F) is an all-cargo version of the twinjet, and shares features with the -200LR; these include its airframe, engines, and fuel capacity. With a maximum payload of 224,900 lb (102,000 kg) (similar to the 243,000 lb (110,000 kg) of the Boeing 747-200F), it has a range of 4,970 nmi (9,200 km). Greater range is possible if less cargo weight is carried.

B777F Specifications:
Cruise Speed: Mach .84
MTOW: 766,800 lb / 347,815 kg
Service Ceiling: 43,100 ft (13,100 m)

dang that livery is nice

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Just found a vote for this. I’m all up for any new cargo liveries. Fingers crossed when the ‘F’ is reworked this gets added along with the request I have for the DHL Aerologic livery 😉


Nice one Boodz, would be a good addition to the sim, voted!

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Very nice thread … Probably my favorite & most wished for cargo livery that I’d like to see added in Infinite Flight … 😍

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Love it! Got my vote

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Wow, this livery looks Stunning, I would vote for it 😍

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Its a really nice livery 😍, I would love to see it in IF.

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Beautiful livery!

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That’s a nice livery! 😍✨

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                         I love this livery, I hope to see you soon
                                     Here's a preview! ;)



@MishaCamp we really need this!

It would be such a great addition!

this is one of the most beautiful liverys I’ve ever seen on a 77F

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Congrats for having the livery confirmed!


Awesome! I can’t wait to fly it!

I just noticed, the “Cargo” writing color seems to be a little too light of color. It should be a little darker.

Infinite Flight:




Edited to correct color:


I hope this can get looked at and get fixed prior to release.