Saudia B747 aircrafts are out of service

All Saudia B747 got out of service in 25-5-2016

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Those planes should enter in the Boeing’s program of passenger aircraft convertion to freighter aircraft, to give them 20 years more of service…also give the some maintenance.


I heard about Saudia b774 aircrafts are scrapped in paris airport in France i guess I’m not sure

Do you mean in Libya?


Tripoli is in Libya, but there are a few Saudi’s 747-400’s that went through the conversion service… I think they either went to Atlas Air or UPS

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واحدة من أفضل الطائرات للسعودية قديما، أتمنى مستقبل سعيد للسعودية

Translation: One of the best Planes in Saudi Airlines old, I wish a good future for Saudi Arabia😊🙂


No i meant paris airport sorry guys made mistake


All the passenger aircraft? Or cargo, too?

Only passengers aircrafts

let’s all chip in and buy one

So long Saudia 747s they had a nice life.

How many 747s did Saudia have?

Wikipedia says 14 in the historic fleet, but they are still listed in the current fleet as 13 in total.

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Thanks for letting me know!

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