Saudia B727-100



Like it quite a bit. I’m a fan of the Saudi livery. I would also love to see the 727 in IF, as it was the first aircraft that I flew in a sim!


Beautiful 😍


wow nice to see this livery on this plane 😍😍 , Old but Gold


How many airlines still use the b727?
Because if they are only 1-2 it doesn’t make sense anymore(to add it) . Sadly.

How many airlines still use the B-747-200? Like none. But it’s still in the sim. The 727 was one kf the most flown airliners of the jet age. Also arguable one of the most famous because of D.B. Cooper

I don’t like the tail, but I love the paint.

We can have 727’s even if the airlines don’t use them anymore, for example, we have the 747-200, but which airline that we have on IF with it still operates it? And we have them :)
I have some airlines that still operates 727’s
-Kelowna Flight
-Kalita Charters II
-Policia Federal Preventiva
-Some BBJ’s
-Fuerza Aerea Mexicana
-Oil Spill Response

Note: I am not requesting, just giving examples :)

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Love it! Best 727 I’ve seen. The big blue tail really stands out.

I ove the 727! I’ll give you a vote

Oh yeah that’s awesome 👍 @ezio_Bortot

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