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We are delighted to finally belong officially to the list of virtual airlines certified by IFVARB. On behalf of our CEO and our staff, we are committed to making the experience of our future pilots rewarding and highly enjoyable within our airline. We prioritize human values and integrity, and we promise an excellent experience along with unforgettable moments. Saudia Airlines Virtual will provide you with an incredibly realistic experience, as close to reality as possible, and our team will always be at your service.

In the world of flight simulation, we are an exceptional choice that embodies aviation passion. We offer immersive virtual experiences with a touch of authenticity. Our diverse fleet, from the Airbus A319 to the Boeing 777-300, ensures precision on journeys to exotic and familiar destinations. Beyond flights, we’re a passionate community, sharing stories and experiences. Our aim is to provide more than just flights; we offer a place to connect and learn.

Saudia Virtual’s mission is to offer an authentic and rewarding virtual aviation experience by recreating Saudia Airlines operations with diverse routes and meticulously recreated aircraft. We foster a supportive community, promote professionalism, and offer opportunities for pilots to showcase their skills, all while redefining virtual aviation. Our vision is to redefine excellence in flight simulation, inspiring aviation enthusiasts to reach new heights through constant innovation, authenticity, and a commitment to quality. We aim to be the ultimate choice for those seeking an enriching and exciting flight simulation experience, elevating virtual flying to unimaginable levels and creating a lasting legacy in the flight simulation community, thereby enabling the dreams of flight to come true in the virtual world.

Our operations team is composed of a fully trained and capable staff to manage our virtual airline in a correct and ideal way, to keep everything in order and make Saudia Virtual’s a totally comfortable environment for our future members. We are committed to always look after the well being of our members and our airline, we are totally committed. We are a totally friendly and inclusive team.

@Nezuko | Chief Executive Officer
@Briam_alexander_Aria | Chief Operating Officer
@Andres_Godoy | Human Resources
@Juanferogo | Head of internal Affairs
@Cobalt | Graphic Designer
@Shaun0312 | Recruiter
@med_hadi.a | Head of Public Relations
@SBRY | Route Manager

Saudia Airlines Virtual's fleet is comprised of a dense array of aircraft, reflecting the diversity and global reach of Saudia Airlines. From short-range aircraft to long-haul models, our fleet offers our pilots an authentic and thrilling experience when exploring destinations worldwide. With a variety of models and capabilities, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and realistic flights to our members and aviation enthusiasts.
Boeing 777-300ER

Tarjeta de presentación formal negro y blanco elegante (16) (1)

Boeing 787-9

Tarjeta de presentación formal negro y blanco elegante (17) (1)

Airbus A319

Tarjeta de presentación formal negro y blanco elegante (18) (1)

Airbus A330

Tarjeta de presentación formal negro y blanco elegante (19) (1)

Boeing 777-F

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Explore the world with Saudia Virtual! From the bustling streets of Riyadh to the serene beaches of Jeddah, and from the historic wonders of Medina to the vibrant culture of Dammam, we take you on a virtual journey to all the captivating destinations in Saudi Arabia. Let your dreams take flight with us, and experience the beauty, history, and diversity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudia Virtual - Your passport to adventure!

Meet Flyadeal, a subsidiary of the Saudia Group that offers affordable flights in Saudi Arabia and beyond. With a modern fleet and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Flyadeal is an excellent choice for exploring the Saudi kingdom.

Flyadeal’s punctuality, comfortable in-flight experience, and affordable fares set it apart as an airline that caters to both local and international travelers seeking to discover the wonders of Saudi Arabia.

Flyadeal Fleet

Airbus A320-200 (Generic livery)
Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range
A320-200 M 0.78 39,100FT 3,300nm


  • You can fly Flyadeal routes once you have completed 25 flight hours with the airline. You can find all Flyadeal routes stored in the Saudia Virtual AirTable.

  • All Flyadeal routes must be operated with the A320 using the Generic livery since Flyadeal currently does not have an official livery in the game.

Flyadeal Routes Map

Would you like to contribute to getting Flyadeal added to Infinite Flight? You can head to this post and cast your vote:

Flyadeal A320-200

The Saudi Royal Program is not only a symbol of luxury in aviation but also an exceptional opportunity for Saudia Virtual pilots. By joining this elite program, pilots will experience a range of exclusive benefits that will take their Saudia Virtual experience to new heights. Here, we highlight some of the key aspects:

  • World-Class Fleet: Saudia Virtual pilots will have access to a state-of-the-art fleet, including prestigious aircraft like the Boeing 777-300ER (Saudia Airlines), Airbus A340-600 (Generic Livery), Boeing 747-400 (Generic Livery), Boeing 757-200 (Generic Livery), and the Boeing 787-9 (Saudia Airlines Livery). This will provide them with an unparalleled flying experience with these wonderful aircraft.

  • International Flight Experience: Saudia Virtual pilots will have the opportunity to participate in high-caliber international flights, expanding their horizons and allowing them to fly to prestigious destinations around the world.

  • Recognition and Prestige: By being part of this exclusive program, Saudia Virtual pilots will gain recognition and prestige within our community.

In summary, the Saudi Royal Program not only offers luxury and sophistication in aviation but also serves as a platform for Saudia Virtual pilots to reach new heights within our airline and explore horizons beyond traditional commercial aviation, which is our primary focus.

Saudi Royal Fleet

Boeing 777-300ER (Saudia Livery)
Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range
B777-300ER M 0.84 43,100FT 7,370NM


Boeing 747-400 (Generic Livery)
Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range
B747-400 M 0.85 45,100FT 7,285NM


Airbus A340-600 (Generic Livery)
Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range
A340-600 M 0.84 41,450FT 7,883NM

Boeing 757-200 (Generic Livery)
Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range
B757-200 M 0.80 42,000FT 4,498NM


Boeing 787-9 (Saudia Livery)
Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range
B757-200 M 0.85 43,100FT 7,635NM


At Saudia Virtual, we are excited to introduce our community to the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) as an exciting extension of our division. The RSAF not only serves as a stronghold of defense and sovereignty for Saudi Arabia but also provides our pilots with a unique opportunity to experience exceptional flights and enjoy an entirely different aspect of aviation.

With a wide fleet of advanced aircraft and a notable history in special operations, the RSAF becomes an integral part of the Saudia Virtual experience.

RSAF Air Bases

ICAO Name Country Wing
OEKM King Khalid Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 1
OETF King Fahad Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 2
OEDR King Abdulaziz Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 3
OEKK King Saud Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 4
OEKM King Khalid Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 5
OEPS Prince Sultan Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 6
OEJF King Faisal Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 7
OEJN King Abdullah Air Base Saudi Arabia Wing 8

What are the ‘Wings’?

The “Wings” in the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) refer to the operational and organizational units that make up the air force’s structure. Each “Wing” typically represents an aviation unit with a specific focus, such as combat, transport, surveillance, or any other aviation-related function.

For example, a “Fighter Wing” specializes in air combat operations, while a “Transport Wing” handles troop and cargo transport missions. These “Wings” may include multiple squadrons and aircraft dedicated to their respective functions.

RSAF Fleet

Aircraft Cruising Speed Ceiling Range Livery
C-130H M 0.77 28,000FT 2,835NM Egypt AF
C-130J M 0.77 28,000FT 2,835NM RAF
F-18 (Replaced by F-15) M 1.8 50,000FT 1,267NM Infinite Flight
A330-300 M 0.82 41,450FT 5,670NM Generic
Cirrus SR22 201 KTS 17,500FT 1,143NM Brown and White
B737-BBJ M 0.80 38,000FT 6,200NM BBJ — Infinite Flight 2018

At Saudia Virtual, we recognize and value the commitment and dedication of our members. Our ranking system offers an exciting progression for our pilots, from newcomers starting their journey as Cadets to experienced Captains. Each rank represents a new challenge and exciting opportunities for our members, fueling their passion for aviation and their contributions to the Saudia Virtual community.


The Cadet role is the starting point in our virtual airline. As a Cadet, you will undergo training and familiarization with our airline’s procedures and systems. You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced pilots and gain valuable knowledge about aviation and flight simulation. To progress from the Cadet role, a minimum of 0-10 flight hours is required.

Second Officer

As a Second Officer, you will begin to take on more responsibilities and demonstrate your proficiency in operating our aircraft. You will have the chance to fly a wider range of routes and destinations. To advance to the Second Officer role, a minimum of 25 flight hours and successful completion of the required training modules are necessary.

First Officer

Upon reaching the First Officer role, you will have proven your skills and dedication to our
virtual airline. You will be entrusted with more complex flights and may even have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to newer pilots. A minimum of 75 flight hours is required to transition to the Captain role.


As a Captain, you will be a seasoned pilot with extensive experience and knowledge. You will have the authority to lead flights and make important decisions regarding route planning and aircraft operations. To advance to the Senior Captain role, a minimum of 150 flight hours and demonstration of exceptional flying skills are necessary.

Senior Captain

The Senior Captain role represents the pinnacle of achievement within our virtual airline. As a Senior Captain, you will have demonstrated exceptional leadership, professionalism, and expertise. You will be instrumental in guiding and mentoring other pilots.

Chief Pilot

The Chief Pilot role is a prestigious position reserved for individuals who have shown outstanding leadership and dedication to our virtual airline. As the Chief Pilot, you will be responsible for overseeing flight operations, providing guidance to pilots, and ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Appointment to the Chief Pilot position is based on merit, experience, and a minimum of 300 flight hours as a Senior Captain.

Saudia Virtual takes pride in its strong strategic partnerships with renowned virtual airlines, which expand our route network worldwide. We also collaborate with aviation-related organizations to enhance our pilots’ experience. We believe in the importance of collaboration and teamwork to strengthen our community and provide our members with diverse and exciting flight opportunities.

Saudia Airlines Virtual has a small list of requirements. This is to ensure a good atmosphere in our airline. If you meet the requirements mentioned in the list below, you will be able to apply for Saudia Virtual.
  • You need a valid email address, as we will send you important information when reviewing your application and providing our response.
  • You must be over 13 years old.
  • You must correctly enter your username from your IFC account; we will contact you through this as well as your email address.
  • You must be at least Grade 3.
  • You are not on IFVARB’s blacklist.

At Saudia Virtual, we open our doors wide to all aviation enthusiasts. We take pride in being a place where enthusiasts from all over the world can come together, learn, and share their love for aviation. Regardless of your level of experience or where you come from, at Saudia Virtual, you will find a warm and welcoming home for your passion for the skies. Join our community and discover a world of opportunities to make your flying dreams come true.

The entrance pathway to Saudia Airlines Virtual starts from our website. You should navigate to the 'Apply' section, where you must read our short list of requirements, and if you meet them, you should fill out the form located a little further down.

Brown Modern Visit Our Website Video Instagram Post (2) (1) (1) (1)

Once the form is filled out, you will need to wait for an estimated period of 5 to 48 hours to receive a response from our virtual airline. We will take care of reviewing all the data you have provided to ensure that everything is in order. Once everything is verified, you will receive a private message on IFC, as well as one to the email address provided in the form.

  • Do not fill out the same form multiple times; one response is sufficient. If you repeatedly submit it, this will be considered as trolling, and our airline does not tolerate such behavior, so we will ignore it.

Once you have received the message in your email and private message on IFC, we will provide you with a couple of instructions before accessing our virtual airline. We will also inform you of our rules in the message to ensure everything is clear. After that, congratulations! You will be inside our virtual airline, and we will provide you with the best possible experience to make you feel comfortable with us and have a very enjoyable stay.

Apply Now!

  • We are currently not conducting a written test for admission to the airline.

Saudia Virtual's hub is the heart of our operations. Strategically located at King Abdulaziz Airport (OEJN) in Jeddah, it serves as the central point from which we conduct flights to exciting destinations worldwide. Our hub is more than just a place; it's the starting point for virtual adventures, a place where our pilots gather to connect, plan routes, and embark on thrilling journeys through the skies. With its strategic location and well-developed infrastructure, our hub is the epicenter of our virtual operation, allowing us to offer our members an unparalleled flying experience.

Saudia Airlines Virtual is a flight simulation community exclusive to Infinite Flight and is not officially affiliated with Saudi Arabian Airlines in real life. We do not operate real and have no official affiliation with it. All trademarks including logos and images used on our site are the property of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Welcome to IFC!! Nice thread!


The thread looks amazing, really well done to the team! And congrats on the approval.


Congratulations guys! I look forward to joining!


Congratulation on the approval @Saudia_Virtual ! We are glad to see another airline in the middle eastern skies!

Benji, Chief Human Resource Officer (Yes I just switched to the QRV account)


Congratulations on your approval! I am confident that you will be a successful addition to the community, and I look forward to seeing all that you accomplish.


Congrats and a HUGE Welcome to the VA world! Glad to have you apart of the VA community!

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Congratulations on approval!

CEO, Pan Am Virtual


Welcome to the VA community!

@ArgentinePilot, CEO


Congratulations on the IFVARB certification!


I’m very proud of this! It’s a personal achievement. Alongside the Saudia team and IFVARB, we worked to make this happen. :)


If I am correct does this mean you get 10 USD for flying 250 hours

On behalf of the entire Saudia Airlines Virtual Team and our CEO, we appreciate all the support provided and the kind comments we have received from all of you in this short period of time since our thread was posted. We feel very happy and proud of everything we have built. We will give our best for our airline, for our members, and for our future codeshares. We want to leave a positive mark on this beautiful community and on every member belonging to our family.

Saudia Chief Executive Officer


That’s right! Upon reaching 250 flight hours, you will have access to this benefit from our airline. :) We do this as a token of appreciation for all your dedicated effort. To claim this benefit, the 250 hours must be stored in our Crew Center for verification purposes.

Saudia Chief Executive Officer

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Amazing thread can’t wait to fly with you guys ❤️


The only thing that’s shutting me down from joining is that you use atlas. Personally I don’t like atlas it’s a lot more confusing than VANET

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In reference to this, it’s just a temporary Crew Center. Very soon, we’ll be making a change in this regard because we enjoy reading and addressing all the doubts or concerns our members may have. What are you waiting for to fill out the form and experience it with us? Don’t let this minor detail prevent you from having a wonderful experience at Saudia Virtual :)

Saudia Chief Executive Officer

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Today, the first flight of Saudia Airlines Virtual took place. It lasted 1 hour and 41 minutes and was conducted by Saudia Virtual members @itZ_Fadi and our COO @Briam_Alexander_Aria, who completed the route from King Khalid Airport in Riyadh (OERK) to Queen Alia Airport in Amman (OJAI).

Airbus A330 Saudia Take-off from OERK. screenshot by @ItZ_Fadi

What are you waiting for to join Saudia Virtual and enjoy a wonderful experience with us?

Apply Now!

Saudia Virtual Chief Executive Officer.


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Congrats on the approval and welcome in the VA world!