Saudia A330 Hydraulic Failure

A Saudi Arabia Airlines rented A330 operating Medina to Dhaka (SVA3818) had a hydraulic failure which forced aircraft to divert to Jeddah.

The hydraulic failure caused the front nose gear to fail to deploy. The aircraft landed at 1851Z on runway 34R safely without the nose gear. Pilot in command did not declare an emergency. No reported injuries so far.

It really confuses me as to why the Pilot didn’t declare an emergency.

Here’s a video of when it landed

Credit is unknown so far, I link the source once it’s available


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Sorry, what do you mean?


Oh god, i hope no one got hurt. The horror the passengers must’ve felt as the fire ignited.
And it baffles me too to why the pilots didn’t declare an emergency but rather waited for a clearance to land and therefore circulating for several hours around Jeddah Airport. And they even did two low passes over the airport…


Quite dangerous!
Reminds me a little somewhat of the Jetblue landing a few years back.


No it wasn’t. Only nose gear.

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According to the report they had a malfunction in the nose gear.
And yea it does remind me of JetBlue as well… the same fire that bursts out as they scrape the runway.


Well the circling could have been for the pilots to see if they can resolve the issue (or maybe just delays at Jeddah), but it’s not an issue that requires an imminent landing.

The low passes are often done when an aircraft has a gear malfunction as the pilots can have the situation verified by the tower as they can’t see their gear.


More pictures of the incident:

They’ve started investigating as to what has caused this.

Original source unknown, I’ll link it once it’s known


Yeah i get your point, but they should’ve at least made an emergency call because their landing wasn’t all that successful i must say. Seen better ones in my life time.


Ooh wow, almost like the LOT 767 landing.


And like that one Iran Air flight as well. Don’t know if you know about it though. But both of them didn’t catch any fire whatsoever. But this one did…

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I remember that time a Singapore Airlines A330 had its nose gear collapse on the ground. May be similar if hydraulics were in play.

Glad to know that the stakes weren’t too high this time

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I thought every plane has a gravity mechanism for the landing gear…

Are you serious? 😂

The aircraft has been safely placed on the ground, with little to no issue and you’re saying that you’ve seen better emergency landings? There isn’t any such thing as a better forced landing than one which gets the aircraft’s contents (namely the soft pink bags of flesh we call bodies) safely off and home with only the experience to remember - not an injury as a reminder.

As is very clear from the pictures, the aircraft didn’t catch fire. Instead the friction of the metal on the runways surface has created heat and sparks - not flames, otherwise you would see scorch marks. The fire crews throw foam down to ensure nothing has caught and so is standard procedure.

I’d also encourage you to research runway textures, as this will also either produce or reduce more heat.

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Low passes aren’t flown any more by airliners. No necessity.

There is a gravity drop handle for the gear which allows the gear to fall by collapsing the up lock pin in the wheel wells and opening the hydraulics to return to prevent hydraulic lock keeping the bay doors closed. You can always tell when it’s been used as the gear bays doors don’t retract.

A simple hydraulic failure should still give you gear! I would suggest that the nose wheel was a separate issue. I would assume that they were circling in order to get the weight down. Why not dump fuel??? (I know the mini bus doesn’t have fuel jettison so I’m not sure about the A330, but being a LH jet with high fuel capacity I would assume it has the facility)

As to not declaring an emergency, IMHO that is awful. No nose gear IS an emergency and will not only affect the aircraft itself but also many aircraft inbound as well as those on the ground. That runway is going to be out of action for some time and giving a ‘heads up’ if nothing more is essential. Many carriers in the area seem to be very reticent at declaring emergencies.

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Woah, calm down there. I didn’t mean in that way that way that their landing was bad or anything. All i was trying to say was that they could’ve tried to keep their nose above the ground until they slowed down a little more. I know that it’s difficult but it’s possible. I’m not expecting a 5 star landing when they’re forcing it down but there has been emergencies where the pilot makes a smoother landing.

And i admit that it didn’t catch fire. Sorry my bad.

Lastly you’ve got some good points in your post. Thanks for sharing your view. A forced landing cannot be good but as i said i’ve seen emergancy landings where sparks doesn’t fly everywhere.

And for your information there are reports of 53 injuries and one of them a woman who suffered a fracture. So there are injuries. Unlike the Iran Air and Lot emergancies…

The A333 does not have fuel jettison, but some A332s have it. It depends on what routes the airline wants to do with the aircraft. In this case, TC-OCH, does not have fuel jettison, that’s the reason why it was flying in circles.

Seems like the very front emergency slide isn’t steep enough for passengers to slide down it. Wonder how effective it was?

Thanks for the reply.

I knew the mini bus wasn’t fitted and the fuel system of the 330 series is identical but I would have thought a fuel jettison system would be fitted given the tank capacity!

French huh! :D ;D