Saudia A319 new livery

next update i hope to change from Saudia A319 old livery to new livery please

Thank you


Only one picture per request pleaše.

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What is the difference between this and the old

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The difference thats i meant between A319 old livery and new its Saudia A319 in IF game !! You can compare between old and new livery, and saudia A319 need to rework, I requested saudia A319 new livery because it’s much better than old

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And I hope to get normal, clean textures on this beautiful livery…

I see that the colours of the new one are more pale than the old one, the Saudi emblem is now completely gold, the emblem in the old livery had the colours of the of the original emblem…the blue in the tail seems to keep his tone, but the cream above the gold line seems to be a little bit pale.

Dont we have this?

Yes, we do but it’s the old livery and he’s requesting the new one.

I’m not gonna lie, I had to squint real hard to see any difference at all

Beautiful Livery 🤙👏