Saudia A319 Livery inaccuracies


It’s been a long time since the Saudia a319 livery has been added, and there are many many issues with this livery. I don’t know how it was messed up this bad honestly.

  1. The mix between the 1996 - 2012 livery (Saudi Arabian Airlines) and the 2012-2023 livery (Saudia Airlines) is quite confusing. You have the same colours and logos for the 1996 livery but the name is “Saudia”?

  2. Saudia doesn’t fly the a319’s anymore. Since 2018. We don’t have any correct Saudia liveries for short hauls other than the a330 that was recently added, which most Saudi airports don’t accommodate. IRL, we have the Saudia A320 and A321 which is used domestically.

  3. Logos are inverted on the left side of the aircraft. Both on the engine and on the tail. On second thought, there isn’t any logo on the engine at all. The prints on the liver is VERY low-quality, I can’t even see the letters of “sky team” properly.

I know this livery has been made a long time ago, but shouldn’t these things get updated? It’s been over 5 years. I worked very hard to build almost all the commercial airports in Saudi, and we don’t even have a PROPER aircraft to fly to them? Bit annoying to be honest.


I’m not so sure if this topic should be in support or general, so I posted it here in this category.


But they did in 2015 when this was added :)
I would advise you to utilize Features if you want something new.

Things were “easier” back then and the requirements & quality control were usually not as strict as they are today, hence the inaccuracies you may find.


I understand that it was used in 2015, but the livery in the game isn’t even in existence. It’s not the old, not the new, it’s the old with the new. Confusion right? Yes.

This isn’t really a livery request, this is me highlighting an issue that has been in the game for many many years. I have been using infinite flight since 2012, I know.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see that many issues when comparing? A few minor ones but nothing I would consider worth putting too much resources in. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. And based on this picture, I would most certainly said it have existed.

(source: Saudi Arabian Airlines | Airbus A319-112 | D-APTA | About to… | Flickr)

Or this:

(source: D-ASPA | Airbus A319-112 | Saudi Arabian Airlines (Privatair) | Nik French | JetPhotos)


Alright, let me use the A320 to explain better.

There are two liveries on the A320,

  1. 1996-2012 (Saudi Arabian Airlines)

The name used to be “Saudi Arabian”, not “Saudia” like the new one. The beige colour is more stronger, more darker. The logo on the tail has a light blue fade under the palm logo. The blue colour on the tail is lighter than the new one. Here we don’t have logo’s on the engines. The name on the livery is Saudi Arabian - السعودية

  1. 2012-2023 (Saudia Airlines)

The name here is not “Saudi Arabian”, its “Saudia”. The beige colour is way less vibrant on this livery, light beige. The tail does not have the light blue fade under the palm, and the palm is now one colour instead of having blended light yellow and gold and it’s much larger. The tail’s dark blue colour is now darker and more modern. The name on the livery is now Saudia - السعودية. There are logos on the engine here in the new livery, but not in the old one.

Source of the pics, File:Airbus A320-214, Saudi Arabian Airlines JP7293247.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Talking about the A319, it only had the New 2012-2023 livery.

The one in game has the name of the new livery, the tail and colour of the old livery, the dark beige of the old livery, and the engines has logos like the new livery. The logos are inverted on the left side. It’s a mix of the two. That’s why I came here to write this topic because this issue has been around since the livery was released.


Ah! That makes the thing a whole lot more visible. I can also see why this happened in the first place given the similarities unless you have a trained eye for Saudi liveries.

From the top of my head - I would recommend focusing your efforts on a request for a correct A320 livery to replace this inaccurate A319 livery. Because based on what I see here, it’s most likely more reasonable to redo the A319 livery given the inaccuracies but at the same time - it’s not in traffic anymore which makes it slightly less reasonable. Better to focus on the A320 if that’s the case.


True, I agree. But how do I “focus” on the A320 exactly? 😅
Clearly the feature request isnt bringing much attention. The whole point of the new Saudia a320 is to replace the a319.

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I didn’t know if there was one so my thoughts were on either posting one or trying to attract attention to it.

However, I can see that’s it’s fairly high up on the votes so I’ll see if there’s room for it later on :)


Alright, thanks a lot for your help. Appreciated 😁

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We gotta keep bumping maybe even try to photoshop IF screenshots of an a320 with the correct livery across Saudi airports


I totally agree, the Saudia A320 is needed!

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