Saudia 787 from Jedda to Miami (takeoff and landing)


Nice pictures! Welcome to the community!!!

I thought Jedda got blown up by the death star in Rogue One.

Heads up, do you mind adding some context in here as it is the rules, yeah i know. Also, great photos!

Lol @Mattheus we chasing each other around all of the #screenshots-and-videos topics

Welcome to the community! Good job buttering!

clears throat

Excuse me sir, but I think its called greasing now.

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Wait, did I miss something?

Yup. You kind of did.

Where? When did it change? My mind has been blown!

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Get out of 2018 and you will find out.


That stings :(

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Tic Tac Toe, I win.

Ah poop. Was that your plan the whole time?

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Maybe. But on topic, I feel bad for completely wrecking this guy’s thread. We should take it to PMs.

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