Saudia 777-300er Islamabad to Jeddah

Saudia (SV727)
Pakistan - Saudi Arabia
Plane: Boeing 777-300er
Date: January 2nd 2022
Callsign: Saudia 727
Route: Islamabad International Airport to Jeddah King Abadulaziz International Airport
Flight Time: 5 hours and 17 minutes
Server: Expert
Scheduled Departure: 10:20 AM
Actual Departure: 10:25 AM
Scheduled Arrival: 2:00 PM
Actual Arrival: 1:42 PM
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Welcome to this Tripreport! Today we will be flying from Islamabad to Jeddah. The flight time will be around 5 hours. After we get to Jeddah we will spend a day there and then go to Abu Dhabi. We will be flying on a Saudi 777-300er in Business class today. This is our plane at the gate

This is our seat, 16 L. We will be trying the Saudia Business product. This will be our seat for the next 5 hours. The flight was fully booked.

Taxiing to the runway. The taxi was short and we got the the runway in no time.

We are now rotating out of Islamabad. I will miss Pakistan very much, it is a very beautiful place. The GE90 engines were roaring as usual on takeoff.

We have reached 40,000 feet. We received a full course meal for lunch. In this photo, we are cruising over the “Tank” district of Pakistan. Yes it is called “Tank”. Tank is home to 391,885 people!

We are cruising over Bahrain at 40,000 feet. The beaches look very nice from up here. The view of the country is exhilarating. I hope to go on a trip to Bahrain sometime in the future.

We are finally descending into Jeddah. The flight was very nice and I was impressed with Saudia.

We are on final at Jeddah

We touched down in Jeddah. The landing was soft and smooth. I really enjoyed the flight.

We just parked at the gate after 5 hours of flying. I really enjoyed the flight and I hope to fly Saudia again. The business class product is awesome and it feels just like first class. Of course that is normal for most middle eastern airlines. Well anyways, thank you for reading this Tripreport! Have a great day/night


Stunning pictures and a fantastic route choice! Well done with these, @United23. ;)

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Great pictures there!

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Thank you!

Thank you very much

Nice pictures! I really like the trip report, very unique

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Thank you.

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