Saudia 371 to OKBK

At 1630z (1900local) I took off from OBBI to OKBK, it was a short one but whatever, the sun was a particularly nice hue so I couldn’t lose the opportunity to take some screenshots, hope you like it
Server: Expert

Prepping my flight plan at the gate

Holding short at 30L

Taking off from 30R

Rising to FL320

Making a right 360 for spacing as there were many arrivals at 33L

Making a descent down to 4000ft

Lowering the gear (no gear tilt :( )

Flaring while an air canada 772L is holding short

ATC view of butterisation

And the final one (also my favourite) slowing down


Awesome pictures! Try to improve the lighting tho!

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Nice sunset pics, a little dark, but good. Love the 787

Lovely pictures