Saudi Red Crescent Airbus A318

A unique operator of the A318, and it looks wonderful with the reds and greens.

More about Saudi Red Crescent
Registration- HZ-RCA
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Looks great!

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Pretty nice swirly design. Front of the fuselage looks so boring.


There are so little liveries on the A318, this would be a nice addition.


This look awesome ! Btw can you guys please tell me how to be a member so that I could start new post in feature column ?

Simply read and participate (positively) to various topics, stay active and you will get there ;)
Once you get there, don’t forget to search before posting to make sure it’s not duplicate.

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Thanks for the reply!!

Not a big fan of Saudi Arabia and it’s airlines but that… that jet… It’s… It’s soooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooo amazing

I have not heard of it before, BTW Looks awesome!

I live in saudi arabia but im not saudi
I have never seen this air craft neither heard of the company name

Red crescent is basically there version of the red Cross.

Looks great!

Nice and colourful!