‏Saudi National Day🇸🇦💚

hello everyone happy national day for the kingdom of saudi arabia 92 That is why I flew 92 hours and I also drew it on the map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia No. 92 every year and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is safe and secure🇸🇦💚.

"سلام يابيرق يضم الشهادة
ماينتكس في يوم تنكيس
الأعلام على البيارق له

شموخ وريادة والسيف
الأجرب تحت مفتاح الإسلام🇸🇦💚"

‏This is a poem for the Saudi National Day🇸🇦💚.


Saudi National Day 92❤️🇸🇦


92 hours ?

No, if you mean by drawing 92, no, it was a second trip in which I took 92 hours

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Yup, but like 92 hours is like 3days where did you fly tooo. And ya one of the longest flight i guess is from new-york to Singapore which is like 18h thats what confused me !!!


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Man, I once flew 200 hours🤣🤣.

Happy saudi national day!

But bro, what do you feed your device. 92 hours is crazy

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Haha, this is a simple thing, I fly more, and if the game didn’t fire me, I would fly more 🤣🤣🤣


I see,that means you do connection flights right ?

Yes, I fly to many destinations

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I will flying there

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