Saudi Arabian (Saudia) 747 - 400

So as most of us know the 747 needs a rework, the -200, -400 and -8i all need a rework. Here are also many more liveries that should be added which are not included such as Corsair, Virgin Atlantic, JAL and ANA, But the one that stands out the most for me is the stunning Saudia livery!

Why include this?

For a long time IF has been missing many vital liveries, not just for the 747 variants but also for the A330, A321, A380, 757, 767, 787 etc. Don’t get me wrong, I know the devs are working really hard and thank you, it is really appreciated! However I feel that the Saudia livery would be a great start to getting some more liveries in the Sim. The Saudia 747 livery is stunning due to its light gold fuselage and deep blue tail and gold finishings around the text and other areas on the aircraft!

A bit about the Saudia 747

In the 1980s services such as Saudia Catering began. Flights were started to Jakarta, Athens, Bangkok, Dhaka, Mogadishu, Nairobi, New York City, Madrid, Singapore, Manila, Delhi, Islamabad, Seoul, Baghdad, Amsterdam, Colombo, Nice, Lahore, Brussels, Dakar, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. Horizon Class , a business class service, was established to offer enhanced service. Cargo hubs were built at Brussels and Taipei. Airbus A300s, Boeing 747s, and Cessna Citations were also added to the fleet, the Citations for the SFS service. In 1989 services to Larnacaand Addis Ababa began. On 1 July 1982, the first nonstop service from Jeddah to New York City was initiated with Boeing 747SP aircraft. This was followed by a Riyadh-New York route.

In the 1990s, services to Orlando, Chennai, Asmara, Washington, D.C., Johannesburg, Alexandria, Milan, Málaga (seasonal), and Sanaa (resumption) were introduced. Boeing 777s, MD-90s and MD-11s were introduced. New female flight attendant uniforms designed by Adnan Akbar were introduced. A new corporate identity was launched on 16 July 1996, featuring a sand colored fuselage with contrasting dark blue tailfin, the center of which featured a stylized representation of the House of Saud crest. The Saudia name was dropped in the identity revamp, with Saudi Arabian Airlines name used.

So finally if you want to fly this beauty in the virtual skies give it a vote!

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Just a few things, I believe this is a duplicate topic unless there is any specific livery differences between these two 747s 🙃

And the few things, are that the two pictures you have posted are of a 747-100, and 747-300. Both cool pieces of history though! In feature request topics only one picture should be used as per the guidelines.

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Hi, the livery given in the topic above is a different livery, as for the 2 pictures I have removed one

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This will be nice to see, especially seeing Saudi getting more 3D Airports. @med_hadi.a

I know some people argue that the 747 is out of service, but Saudia still uses their 747’s to transport pilgrims, for cargo and it still operates some other commercial routes.

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SV 747 destination:IF flight time:soon hopefully


Bumping since we got to have it but I present to you shots of saudia’s last 747 service to Manila

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