Saudi Arabian Private B737-900

HZ-MF6 is a B737-900 owned by the Saudi Goverment. The aircraft is 8.2 years old.
I personally would love to see this livery as I really like how the tail looks with the two swords and the palm. Also on the winglet!


Could you add a bit more substance to your request? Simply noting “I would love to see this plane added” is just not enough.

To add onto what @Dylan_M said, could you explain to us why you want it?

Sorry but I don’t think it’s necessary. I know this livery won’t be so popular

Oh well. I just made this feature request because I find that the livery looks very nice.

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I didn’t say it’s not nice. Just sayed there are important liveries which doesn’t exist in IF (737) and this livery isn’t one of them

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