Saudi Arabian Airlines A330 Trip Report | SV701

Flight info

Route: OPKC - OEJN
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Airline: Saudi Airlines

Seat: 30A Economy (First seat behind business)

My ride is here

Overall the seat was pretty clean and super comfortable, especially the fact that i was on 30A which has Extra Extra legroom. I only found some dirt on the Entertainment screen.


The food was great and fresh, We got no choice as we were in economy and I think the economy meal differs per route. Heres how it was structured:

Main meal: Biryani - popular South Asian food

Desserts: Basbousa - A delicious Arabian dessert (yes I ate an Arabian dessert 🏜) kind of like a brownie

Side meal: Khubz - A traditional Arabian bread which is popular in Asia

Side meal 2: some sause thingy which i forgot the name of which is also Arab i think but it tastes good

Liquid: Bo’oh’owa’her - They also offered a choice of Juice or tea earlier.

Food rating: 10/10

Takeoff: 10/10 and i love the amout of -G’s i was pulling
Landing: 7/10 it was pretty smooth but the nose was a bit harder and it was really windy on approach and some turbulence on descent plus some fun -G’s

Thanks for reading, It was a great flight on my favourite airline. Let me know your thoughts below!

Have a great day,


Nice trip report!

Thanks alot!

Nice one!:)

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Thanks! Cant wait to see more saudi airports next update.

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Imagine having the ability to sit in someone’s aircraft as a passenger, that would just be crazy…

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Lol and then destroy everything

Wow! Great report! The food even looks like real food! Unlike some airlines cough American

Heard alot about that place…

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Oh well- I…don’t know what to say about that one…

It feels funny on takeoff i lost weight

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