Saudi Arabia scenery issue

The scenery along the north east side of Saudi (at least) seems to be completely blurred and there is no detail (all graphics settings on full)

How’s your connection?

How much storage do you have left?

Have you cleared scenery cache?

Hi there,

What device are you on?
Are you on Wifi or Cellular?

@danielsun36 would you mind showing your position? Using the map tool or the Live Flight App in another device. It could be because you are flying in the middle of an empty desert.

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That’s probably because of day’s light. Try to switch time around and you will see textures.

Because of the bright white sand desserts reflect a huge amount of light, which makes it very difficult to distinguish something during the day.

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WiFi, no issues with connection
iPhone XS Max

Two points in the flight, north of Riyadh and eastern side of Jordan. Jordan has some definition and colour differences.

Here you can see there is some different colour definition on google satellite rather than just yellow

You’re right I think, I changed time of day to early morning and some features appear.

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I am also seeing the same scenery spawned at an airfield close to OEGS. As I remember I also had plain scenery like this after departing OKBK (Kuwait). Although in Google Maps the scenery looks more orange in the location than here. It may be because of the provider that makes the scenery for Infinite Flight. After a while the scenery has changed to more a orange colour close to OETR.

Most sand deserts look like that in if. An example would be the middle of the Sahara.

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Glad it was figured out.