Saudi Airlines livery

Hello infinite flight nation

I am so into the game but i wondered why there is nothing about Saudi Airlines. Iivery either the vintage or the new one … Both of them are breath taking and seeing them both on the app will be very exciting either on the 747s or 777

By the way Saudi Airlines actually is the only carrier around the world that had operated all the 747s family.

Hopefully some of you will support my request and the developers would consider doing it

Thank you


Good thinking. Saudi airlines has a cool livery.

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Lufthansa has operated all of the 747 family to.

I think you are right some how
But How about 747SP i dont think lufthansa did operate it … This is what I meant by all 747s
Anyway both airlines are amazing but we would love to see the saudi livery in the game

Thank you

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(@Sattambinsultan). You have my 3 votes if you request it in App Feedback.
Salam, Mad Max Sends

I did that several times