Saudi Airlines A319 "AlBayraq" Livery

This livery is very amazing

Ps. This is one Photo

  • Yes It is amazing
  • No its Bad

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Green can never mix with Saudia livery :P

Yes I know that’s their flag colour but really this made it bad

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It’s so-so

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It’s alright. It’s not amazing or bad.

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Nah. Don’t really like it. Looks a bit too much like the normal liv.

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The one I requested have a flag on the engine which there is no flag on that engine

Its so nice livery i hope add next update

We have only three airbus A319 in our fleet like this livery and had name (Flag of Saudi Arabia Livery).

I don’t really like it since the Saudi Arabian flag doesn’t go well with the colours.

I Think @ezio_Bortot will like this livery 😂😂😂
Should be in the next update🤗🤗🤗

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Love it so much

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