Saturday Southwest Spotting @ KBWI 12-22-18

Hey everybody!
Intro: Today I went to my local BWI for a little bit more than an hour. The strong winds out of the west caused the uncommon arrivals on runway 28. The departures were also on runway 28 at the same time. The weather was fantastic, albeit cold because of the 20 kn winds.
The location: A new location for me, a parking lot right next to the western cargo complex. Usually I would spot on Matthison Way, but there was no room as a new cargo ramp is being built there, so the area was blocked off. I climbed on top of a crate in order to not have any blockage from a fence.

The pics:

N264LV | Southwest 737-700 | KBWI-KMSP

N8301J | Southwest 737-800 | KBWI-KSMF

Another shot of N8301J

N274WN | Southwest 737-700 | KBWI-KISP

N916WN | Southwest 737-700 | KBWI-KATL

N514NK | Spirit A319 | KBWI-KMYR

N945WN (Florida One) | Southwest 737-700 | KBWI-KCVG

N471AS | Alaska Airlines 737-900ER | KSEA-KBWI

N682NK | Spirit A321 | KBWI-KMCO

N960WN | Southwest 737-700 | KBWI-KOAK

Hopefully you guys enjoyed these shots, I know that they are a bit repetitive, but the location today limited the angles possible for getting different shots.

@anon66442947 when will you be able to spot?


Woah! Those are amazing shots!


Those are some amazing shots! Really nice work.


Tom and I will be out this week.

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My eyes. What camera is this? I need this.

Also sad that they repainted N8301J, as it is the old 737-800 in IF and used to be Warrior One. I had the chance to spot it in Atlanta.


I thought N8301J would retain the Canyon Blue Livery? Also I thought it was ETOPS certified?

Oh well, Great shots anyway! Seen N960WN a lot in Denver


this took me by surprise last time I was at BWI


Some the best 737 shots ive ever seen nice job


Excellent photos! That first one, and the Florda one really struck me…

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Wow, BWI of all places. I don’t see N8301J in the photos though, that aircraft doesn’t wear the heart livery.
EDIT I see the registration, why is N8301J in the heart livery. That’s the warrior one aircraft SWA’s first 737-800. Why would they paint it I thought they were the ones that said it would remain in the Canyon blue livery!

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Last time I checked N8301J AKA (the aircraft currently in IF) looked like this


Great shots! It was actually funny because In our BWI Group PM I forgot what time you said you were going to spot so when I was approaching BWI for Southwest Virtual to choose a runway, I saw the exact same flights on Flightradar24. I think we need to get the group together and go spotting once in the evening to catch the heavies! Great photos


Time for the mass response…
@Balloonchaser @MrMrMan @Trevor_A @KPIT Thank you all very much! I appreciate the support!
@The_Geniusman What day? Maybe I could try to come?
@Cbro4 Thank you! The camera was my trusty Canon EOS Rebel SL1.
@Luke_Sta @JeromeJ I did not know that was Warrior One in IF, that’s too bad they re-painted it!
@Plane-Train-TV That is what I am trying to do! There are lots of members from around here, it would be great to have a get-together.
However, yesterday’s spot would not have been a very good spot lol


@anon66442947 @Grizpac LOOK

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I read that they would retain it… sadly no.


Wow I got to fly N274WN on July 28 (BWI-SAT. Thing is that’s the one flight I flew on but didn’t get photos 😞

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