Saturday Flying!

Hey everybody, so as all of you guys know, on Saturday EIDW was the main airport of the day. So, I did 2 flights from there, and went to Southern Europe for a RyanAir flight. So here are my pictures.

Leg 1: Copenhagen-Dublin

Here I am rotating my SAS A320 at @SwedishFlyer’s Copenhagen

Here, this is seconds before buttering not greasing the landing at Dublin. 😏

Leg 2: Dublin-London Heathrow

Here I was rotating out of Dublin, in this flight I was flying for BAVA.

In this picture, this is seconds before touching down at London Heathrow.

This is me parked at Heathrow shutting everything down after my flight from Dublin as an A388 rotates.

Leg 3: Alicante-Madrid

In this picture, I am rotating out of Alicante for a short flight up to Madrid.

This is me touching down in Madrid after a flight from Alicante.

And last but not least, I am parked at the gate and shutting everything down at Madrid.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for looking!


Wow, great pictures.

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Thanks guys!

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Very nice I love the sunset!

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I do not like them, just because you said Butter and Not Grease. Such a disappointment saying that.

jk that’s some hot photos


@Scandanavian54super thank you! @anon41771314 thanks, you should of learned by now butter is better than grease 😡 😂


Great Photos Mate! Love the Ryanair one!

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A rather long sunset, isn’t it! Joking aside: Great pictures and light conditions, thanks for sharing!

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