Saturday - Busy Traffic At Heathrow @ EGLL - 151600ZOCT16

Server: Expert Server (ATC)

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1600Z - 2200Z.

NOTAM: Hello dear fellow pilots.
I have today organized a fun and busy event. We go this time to London will go there you start and then you can choose where you go. if you are flying to your destination then back to the ATC arrival again what it can do.

Plane: An aircraft that flies in to LHR in real life would be preferred!

ATC-EGLL-Ground = …
ATC-EGLL-Tower = …
ATC-EGLL-Approach = …
ATC-EGLL-Departure = …

Typ in the commends wat your callsign is.
My Callsign: PH-17MD

Tag your friend to say that arrive a cool event, Then he can join!


@turkish534 are you coming in 1,5 week

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My call sign is YOU642
Ill be there

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nice see you then

I hope 👍🏼 😁 to fly together, with 😆

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nice i will see you then

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Evrywan join u’s next weekend!!!

@Aviaperevozchik are you coming in this event

Tomorrow the event will start

Guys we meet today at 16:00Z in London Heathrow LHR (EGLL)

@turkish534 are you coming

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I will be at work but after take off will tried it fly with autopilot… hope would liked at Landing nobody come to reception desk… I will tried it …

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Excuse me I do not get it, Well are you coming or not??

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I will comeing…

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Ok, we starting in one hour

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ok, but i can come about 1 hrs to flight 👍🏼

It says OCT16 by the way.

Which Gate do we started??

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i standing on gat 517

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now we going to Gatwick

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