Saturday afternoon flight

Today was a quite relaxing Saturday and I decided to fly a regular route between my hometown which is Tijuana (MMTJ) and the capital of the country “Mexico City” (MMMX). It was a 2:35 trip aboard a 787-8 of the Mexican flag airline “Aeroméxico”, it was a quiet flight and my first time implementing the new arrival procedures at the airport

server: Expert
Flight Time:2:35 hrs

passenger view during ascent to FL370

Here a view of the “cerro colorado” and a little more of the beautiful city

It’s amazing but I live there
flying over the Atizapán Aerodrome, a school for many pilots

a view from outside by taxi to T2 of the airport (Whenever you fly to or from Mexico with an Aeromexico, Delta and Copa plane, use Terminal 2!)

An airplane beauty

Beta 21.01 in all its magnificent glory


Same rule applies for LATAM

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Your picture number 4, say no display name bar then can remove.


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thanks, i’ve already corrected it!

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No Problem. Have a good day for safe your game.

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Exactly, I forgot to mention it

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