Saturday 24th @19:00z Zurich Fly-in

Hello everyone!

Saturday 24th @19:00z, we will be making our way from Palma De Mallorca City of Vacation to Zurich. looking forward to bringing you along my journey as I take on the skies of Infinite flight! Hope to see you there!

Time- 19:00 zulu

I completely agree because i want to do the event and i can’t

late notice but I’ll def be there

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If I can make it, sure thing!

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See you there!

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Event is starting in 4 hours!

Uhhhm, isn’t it 60 days? Two weeks is 14

Yeah that too. I said that wrong. What I meant was he posted it too early.

Guys, those who are joining spawn in and use Module C gates @LEPA

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