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Hello everyone, I have a question about the satellite map, since the global map was launched, the terrain map has not yet been updated by what I saw, for example having winter or summer vegetation, where I live in Portugal most of vegetation is now green, but on the current satellite map of the Infinite Flight map it’s dry, my idea was to make the simulator even more realistic, my question was whether it was possible to update the satellite image once a year or maybe once every 2 years.Thanks

Updating imagery isn’t a continuous feed from the source.

Paying for global 15m/per pixel for every area of the globe again would cost another unbelievable amount of money, so I imagine for the time being it isn’t a priority much considering it’s only a few years old, and is why aircraft reworks, buildings, project metal, and all these sorts of projects would have a higher priority.

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As far as I remember from interviews and blog posts, Infinite Flight is getting imagery from a curated source, who make the different shots blend seamlessly. Even if the provider offers such an option, that would mean doubling the expense for satellite imagery, and even the cubesats are expensive, let alone big satellites with expensive cameras inside. As Infinite flight already invests a portion of it’s profit into it’s business, that means that some part of this portion would need to be taken away from something else, and I don’t see it giving enough new user base and pr to justify it

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I know it’s very expensive to have a satellite map, it’s kind of boring to always have the same landscape, I understand that the team has to focus on the Project Metal,A330 Rework and other things.

It’s not so much the workload of implementing scenery, it’s the cost of said scenery.

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