Satellite imagery

Hey IF, I was wondering 💭 when does the satellite 🛰 update because for a while now in Southern California mainly LA etc has scenery that looks like dirt, there’s like not a lot of green and I know LA is dry and all but not how IF puts it.

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If you look at any satellite imagery over the area, it doesn’t look very green ;)

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Well, I think this won’t happen in the near future. Imagine: even google isn’t really up to date with its imagery. That would be mean, that they have to get images, provided by their service partner, that catches a specific period of time in that region. That’s nearly impossible, I think.

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Where? :)


Different sources, different images. That doesn’t mean, that they can use images like you show. They have to rely on the scene they get by their service partner :)

Well 🤷? Flagging for closure

But to answer your original question;

Our scenery was last updated when we added 15 meter/pixel to South America etc in August 2019.
Can’t say if the area around SoCal was updated at that point. But generally, there’s no need to update the imagery very often since it’s not used for navigational purposes in that manner like it is for example Google Maps.

Not sure if you were using Bing or something as a reference, but there’s a massive difference there depending on zoom levels. So i suspect that they do some kind of color correction at a certain distance to make it look more green.

For example:

That’s two different zoom levels, completely different colours. The first almost looks B/W.