Satellite Image Maps

Is it possible for IF to get satellite images for their maps? This would be so cool! Especially for people who live inside certain regions, they could do fly overs of their house or special place, or you could use it to see taxiways and gates so you know where to go. This could switch between the satellite image maps or the maps they have now with the terrain warnings.


Omg yes!! This has got to happen!

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Nah. It would be to blurry.


One problem: Copyright.


I didn’t think about that one. Maybe they could get permission?

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…or have a water print/mark layover? That would be annoying though.


What’s that?

The image has a transparent text with its owner name.


Yeah what @Sturmovik said. Like in this picture for example:

The text over top it. That could be over the map saying “Google maps 2016” or whatever.


I get what you mean, that would be annoying. I’d rather have it though. Maybe in a corner.

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Well yeah on a map it could be in the corner. That was just an example of a watermarked photo. A watermark can go anywhere on an object; it can be small and not very noticeable in a corner, big in the center of the page, at the top/bottom, etc.

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Great idea!but I’ll recommended use of secondary apps for the same like infinite tracker for android .This is due to potential lag and coding time

Go to Google Earth. Tools, Enter flight simulator. You will see what I mean, how long it takes to load, internet required and quite blurry. I think it wouldn’t be particularly clear, and most building would look messed up. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

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This would use a fair amount of RAM/Cache for a rather unneeded feature IMO.

I have a feeling this has already been confirmed. Check out A New Dawn Continued.