The satcoms will be accessible from the systems tab. You can change if you want it on the foward and or aft part of the aircraft.

This satcom is what the Internet on board comes from.


That image is has a satcom on the aft of the aircraft.

List of some airlines that operate with these.

  1. JetBlue
  2. Delta
  3. United
  4. American
  5. Southwest
  6. Alaska Airlines
  7. Norwegian Airlines
  8. Lufthansa
    (More info coming)

And how would this be implemented into the sim?

We already have a very similar topic for this

Can you please provide more information on your post such as the main function of this feature and what it does? It would help you pick up more votes the more information people have to convince them to vote on your topic.

Like how the new a320 has master switch you can chose forward button, both button, aft button.

Currently the external features are added depending on the aircraft registration.

Yeah but sometimes people want to fly with a satcom sometimes people don’t. Let’s use the American a320 in Infinite flight. It will stay how it is but you can customize it if you want to in game.

This is the same thing as fence winglets or sharklets for the A320 family. Unless the rule change (which you could ask in a feature request) I believe this will stay the same.