SATA/Azores Airlines Dash 8 Q-400

Another great plane in the SATA/Azores Airlines fleet. Since the Island Air Q-400 livery was added, I’m assuming that adding another Q-400 livery shouldn’t be a big issue.

(not my photo)

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Never heard of it before but it’s beautiful, where does it fly and what route?


This one in particular flies between the Azores Islands (a group of islands near Portugal)


Love sata
Is sad that we not have IT yet

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I’ve flown from Terceira to Ponta Delgada on a SATA Dash 8 Q400. It’s awesome & I really hope this livery gets added!

Wonderful livery, matches perfectly the Q400.

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Can’t wait for global and being able to fly around the azores. I really hope the SATA livery is added. I flew on a SATA q400 in real life, really cool and good looking airplane.

SATA and Air Azores are 2 awesome airlines that few people know about

Another cool-looking livery. The geometric-shaped bird on the side is awesome.

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I already talked about this on a post several years ago (dunno where that is!) and some guy told me it was not a DashQ-800 (probably a newbie). Im happy to know that people are interested in this, and I really hope it gets added, since SATA has no aircraft in IF and there are little portuguese carrier liveries in IF.
Hope it gets added

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I agree hopefully more Portuguese airlines get represented in IF!

BUMP this is a really great looking dash would lovebirds to do some island hopping in Azores with that beauty

It flies around madeira(LPMA) right?

Wow. I really want this livery. It would make me join Azores Virtual.

My vote has been cast. Since the Azores now have updated scenery, this livery would be fantastic.

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Yes, it operates many national and international routes.

Aaaaand you have my vote @Nathan

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Actually they are just one airline. SATA is just the subsidiary of Air Azores.

SATA/Azores is based in the other Portuguese archipelago, Azores, which is a hidden treasure in the Atlantic. The airline flies a few routes to Europe and America, but it mostly connects the islands of Azores in this plane, althought it also flies to Madeira.


I herd they still fly the A310:)

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You have my vote on this. I’ve actually flown on the SATA Dash 8 Q400 on a flight from Terceira / Lajes Air Base to Ponta Delgada. Its an awesome airplane that’s surprisingly quiet and comfortable for a turbo prop.